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I’ve had people ask me what I do with all my thrift store finds.

Right now, I am using my thrift store items in my own decor. I sort of rotate things in and out of my decor all the time. Use the “new” finds for a while until I find something else that I like better and then switch things around.

At some point, I will probably get a booth to resell some of the stuff that I tire of. Or be on an episode of Hoarders. My husband would probably prefer that I go the booth route.

These are some more items that I’ve added to my stash this week.

The globe ended up on top of my TV armoire.

It’s sitting on a couple of Britannica’s Books Of The Years – 1961 and 1963 to be exact.

BTW, have you heard that they will no longer be publishing the Encyclopedia Britannica. Since this whole internet thing is catching on, there’s not a real need for parents to buy the books for home use. I’m not sure that Wikipedia actually killed it as some suggest, but I’m sure it didn’t help.

Anyhow, I thought the globe looked vintage, but it turns out that it’s from the 80’s. If you ever find a globe and want to figure out the age of it, you can go to this website by Replogle Globes that tells you, based on the country names, how old your globe is.

The chicken ended up on my kitchen table.

He is extremely chippy and the paint is pretty worn, but I thought he was sort of cute. I’m calling him Mr. Chips.

Mr. Chips is telling me that it’s time to start thinking about dinner. I don’t think we’ll be having chicken tonight.

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  1. says

    You DO find the goodies, Pam!!! I love that mason jar “tote” (for lack of a better term). I’ve admired it before. Is that a thrift store find as well? p.s. my daffodils opened on Friday! YAY!

  2. says

    I like your new finds. The globe looks great where you have it and I think Mr Chips has great charm! I rotate my finds also and when the basement gets too full it will be time to do something with all of it!!

  3. says

    Mr. Chips is darling. It is only a matter of time til you start selling. I have been selling now for one year and it is still fun. When it becomes a job I am out. Joe just met a shop owner with a truck load of stuff and this time we actually had furniture. I do not like to lift furniture but sometimes I find cool pieces I must buy. On March 30 and 31 I am working in the store and operating the cash register-scary. hugs, olive

  4. says

    I have thought about a little shop or space.
    Love Mr. Chips and the globe. I didn’t know that you could trace the age……but it does make alot of sense.
    When is your Spring Break.

  5. says

    The top of the armoire looks really pretty, love the globe. I heard about the Encyclopedia Britannica not being published, just on line use. It’s kind of sad – grew up with encyclopedias.

  6. says

    Love Mr. Chips! Can we please be on the same episode of hoarders?? Hubby is pretty sure that some day all my treasures will land me there. I’m shooting for Antiques Road Show or American Pickers instead, but he just shakes his head.

  7. says

    I love globes too. I had 5 at one time but sold two in my booth and my son took one to school for his apartment (like mother, like son). I came close to buying another one yesterday but ended up leaving it behind. Thanks for the great info. on dating the globe….good info.!

  8. says

    OH thanks Pam for telling me how to find out the age of my globe!! Cool! I love globes and want a whole bunch to group together!!

    It would be a scream to see you end up on Hoarders!!!!

    That house i featured is only listed at $599,000! Chump change eh??
    House prices are crazy here!!!

  9. says

    Cute finds. I love old globes. I had one and somehow it disappeared during our last move. I’m thinking MyHero put it in the “permanent outgo” box. That rooster is cute, too. I think I might be getting close to a Hoarder show myself…except I am an ORGANIZED hoarder!;>) xo Diana

  10. says

    Thanks for the globe info, and it’s funny that you’re talking about what to do with your found treasures…I’ve decided to go the booth route, I had a feeling that Hoarders was closing in on me :)
    Have a great week!

  11. says

    Well, when you get done with Mr Chips, you can sell him to me! I love him!
    Love the globe, have had several through the years and they just fascinate me. I have no idea why…
    I think the booth thing would be better than being on one of those shows, you know how some people talk. My bf has been selling her stuff on facebook and doing pretty good. No rent…
    Just meet them in a public place.
    I had a few sets of encyclopedias that I could not give away at all. Even called the schools. Nope- they were not interested. I kept the years the kids were born and we finally threw them out. Sad. I don’t think the kids crack books anymore.
    Its too easy to look online.

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