The Birds Are Flocking

Birds are my thing right now.

Used to be china dogs. Now it’s china birds. Next it will be china platypuses.

I know china statue type things are probably a bit Great-Grandmotherly, but I’m on a campaign to make them cool again! Just watch, Pottery Barn will be all about china figurines in their next catalog.

Exhibit A – This little table in the hallway between two of the bedrooms.

Exhibit B – My coffee table vignette in the living room.

Exhibit C – My entryway table that I showed in my last post.

Tippi Hedren has nothing on me.

Run, Tippi, run!

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  1. says

    I love your birds! I think it IS cool to have animal statues around! Love your blog and style of writing.

    Thank you for joining us (you are #100!) and we will enjoy being members of your lovely blog. One of the best things about blogging is making new friends.

    Have a blessed evening.

    Linda (and Jeannie) at The French Hens Nest

  2. says

    Now I’ll be humming the theme song from Alfred Hitchcock all night! That was one creepy movie. Ooo wee’ ooo.

    I love those sweet little birdies in the first photos. They definitely are not the killer birds in the movie.

  3. says

    Well I adore your bird theme vignette. I am a bird lover too! I keep saying no more birds…and then I bought a swan to paint for my daughter’s room…does that count? So glad to have found your blog via A Stroll Thru Life.

  4. says

    Love these vignettes. I’m sure Pottery Barn will be all over your aviary theme for their catalog next year. We actually had an Alfred Hitchcock themed Halloween party one year. I came as Tippi.

  5. says

    Oh good my house isn’t only home that’s gone to the birds! I have had several ask me when they come in my home to tell me the story of all the bird cages- no story to tell except I love them I say!

    Great vignettes!

  6. says

    The way you display them you can bring them back for sure. I love all things bird. I stand at my kitchen window and watch the birds feeding all the time.

  7. says

    Fantastic vignette! Love the rustic nature of it and cheers to you for going with what you love rather than what’s “in”! You are right, after seeing what you do with “china birds”, I’m sure PB will be all over it! Enjoyed my visit here!


  8. says

    That’s me in the last picture running from the buzzards. They left when the temps got so cold. But yesterday they were back…..stupid birds.
    I do like yours. I bough some awhile back but gave them away. I will have to find some more.

  9. says

    LOL….love your humor! That’s one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies the Birds! I really like what you’ve created here! I agree….soon Pottery Barn will copycatting you! The little bird by the pine cone and on the book are so perfect! Loving the feathers in the cup and the grape vine wreath on it’s side with the silver trophy! That gives me an idea that I needed! All your vignettes are cute. I especially like the old royal typewriter with the cedar wax wing bird next to it and the greens in that neat vase! I can see you’ve had some fun doing all this!

  10. says

    With pretty displays like these your campaign is sure to be a hit! I have a soft spot for birds myself and have a few figurines.

    fyi Exhibit A is my fav.

  11. says

    We love birds at our house and always have a few nestled in here and there. I LOVE the look of the feathers in the silver!!! What kind of bird contributed those? Very pretty. I always keep an eye peeled for nice vintage bird statues… since turning 50 I think it’s permitted. :)

  12. says

    I can stare at your pictures for hours! I love how you put things together.. Now, I am embarrassed when you see my crummy decor lol.. Loving your style…

  13. says

    You have such a naughty sense of humor. That photo from The Birds cracks me up. I’ll have you know I was quite afraid of big black birds after that movie haha. Love your vignettes. You’ve got a great eye, Pam.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

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