The Great Corn Hunt Continues

Each summer we test out all the local farmers’ corn to try to find the ultimate ear of corn on the cob. It’s sort of a summer tradition for us. (My 20 year old self would have died laughing at my 50 year old self and her exciting hobbies.)

So far this summer the local corn has been a disappointment, so we set out last Sunday afternoon to expand our search area. We drove twenty miles out of the way, down winding country roads, passing many other farm markets on the way, to go to a specific farm stand. This was smack dab in the middle of nowhere, USA and, just by the looks of the place, should have had THE corn. I don’t trust shiny new farm stands and this one was anything but.

But alas, it did not have THE corn. Not even a close runner up. Way too mushy and an embarrassment to all self-respecting farmers out there. (OK, maybe a little tough on the guy. Who knows, maybe the farmer has some strange starch digesting disease and hasn’t even tasted his own corn).

We do have a major corn field right behind our house. I look at it each and every day, but I’m pretty sure it’s not of the people-can-eat variety.

This is what I deal with when I take things outside to photograph. One dog snooping around my tomato (she licked it, but didn’t bite it) and the other dog sniffing butt. I was hoping for a rabbit to run through the yard to distract them, but I ended up throwing a tennis ball to get them out of my hair for a few minutes, so I could take some photos.

How is the corn in your area? Have you found the perfect ear yet?

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    Have your hubby stop by the corner market after work by the grocery store on Chambers by my old place. There is a farmer that sells out of his truck. We just bought sweet corn and watermelon last week and it was absolutely PERFECT!

  2. says

    Our corn in our garden burned up.:(
    Mr. Ken is very dissapointed. The corn that we haven gotten at the Farmer’s Market has been good.

    Hope you have success!

    M :)

  3. says

    We are in the same boat! Bought corn from local stand, very starchy and mushy. Then my husband bought “local” corn from Stop and Shop and it was delicious! CT has some great farms, I just have to find that perfect corn. The other thing I wait for each summer are the heirloom tomatoes! These are the tomatoes with amazing flavor that I remember from my childhood.

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    We had corn from Schacht’s for dinner last night that was WONDERFUL! Sweet, cooked just right – oh, it was yummy!! Their yellow corn’s expected to be ready the end of the week – but I’m lovin’ what we have now.

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    The Silver Queen corn in Southern Alabama is some of the best I ever had! Wish you could make the trip down here to get some. You would not be disappointed.

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    The ears of corn here in northern Illinois are under-developed pencils b/c of the lack of rain. The farmers downstate actually plowed their crops under two weeks ago b/c they were lost to the drought. We can’t find corn anywhere.

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    Oh, Pam ! I wish you had lived around here ! I’m in a small farming community where we have corn all around us. And 200 yards away is a little farmer’s market that has fresh sweet corn for about 3 weeks. It has been the best corn we’ve gotten in many years. For the first time, I bought bags of it just to freeze after talking to another older couple ahead of me. Cutting it off the corn then licking the knife…mmmmm, tasted as sweet as sugar ! Hope you find yours soon !

    Castroville, tExas

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    Our corn is just coming in here..but we always buy from the same roadside stand and it is excellent. I have been doing it in the microwave and don’t think I will ever do it any other way now- xo Diana

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    Silver Queen Hybrid is my favorite. White corn, tiny kernals and naturally sweet. Excellent grilled or boiled and a bit of butter and salt and I can eat a plate piled high of them.

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    We had some farm grown corn a couple of weeks ago and I thought the same thing. This corn should be better than the corn I get in the grocery store, but it wasn’t, so bad that my kids ask before they eat, where did this come from. I have to say it probably has something to do with the fact we have had hardly any rain.

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    Drought has put a damper on the corn crop here. I believe on of our counties is being declared an agricultural disaster area. No corn this summer.

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