A trip To IKEA

I had my first trip to an IKEA store this weekend. There is one on the outskirts of Cincinnati and since we had nothing in particular to do on Saturday, we decided to make a trip of it.

I know a lot of people love, love, love IKEA. But I thought it was OK. Just OK.

I will say that they have a heck of a marketing/staging department because their showroom displays were awesome. I’m just not attracted to build your own furniture anymore. They have some nice inexpensive home decor and organizing items though.

I did manage to find a couple things to buy. I couldn’t make the 100 mile trip and not buy anything!

Two 79 cents dishtowels that I plan to make into pillows if I ever finish the other 100 projects ahead of them on my project list.

And some inexpensive cardboard boxes for my husband’s office to store his office junk in (I believe they were 2/$3.99).

Some day when I’m brave I will show you his office space. See that unsightly jumble of cords to the left in the photo, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of a mess.

I did see this pretty cool small 9″x5″ wooden planter box that came with a galvanized metal tray in the bottom.


It was only $5.99, but they were sold out of them. So when I came home I decided to make my own.

I dug out my wooden chemistry box.

I found this in an antique store a few years ago. When I took Chemistry classes in college they used to hand out your “ingredients” for your lab experiments in these boxes. And then you would trudge back to your lab desk and attempt not to create any explosions.

Then I took one of my enamelware bins (what the heck are these called – refrigerator dishes?),

put some wheat grass (available at your local grocery store)

in it.

I stamped a fork and stuck that in the pot also. It says GRASS, although the R didn’t stamp correctly. I think I got a defective R stamp, I’m sure it wasn’t the stamper person’s fault (me).

Then I put the whole thing in my chemistry box and called it a day.

Thanks for the idea IKEA, but I have it under control!

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  1. says

    Love your version of the planter!!Big IKEA fan around here but I too am pretty much past their furniture.That said, they’ve got great ideas and great prices.Um, and I love the restaurant section.Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce,yippee!You’ve got to take the cinnamon buns home with you.Makes the trip worthwhile.Yes, I love food as much as I love junque.

  2. says

    I love your version of the planter. Very cool. We own the inexpensive cardboard boxes from Ikea for CDs. My girls love the meatballs more than anything else in the store.

  3. says

    That’s a great wood box and it looks great with the grass. We don’t have an IKEA near us. I’ve been to the one in Dallas a couple of times (and I brought home those same dish towels).
    Have a nice evening.

  4. says

    What a great project you created! I love Ikea for storage and kids stuff. I caved and gave my kids and Ikea playroom. They picked it out. We really made the most of the room thanks to the small scale furniture and store. It is a bit different than the rest of the house but suits their own personal style. Love their inexpensive towels, pillows and comforters for the kiddos too!

  5. says

    Love that fork!!
    Yes i am with you on IKEA. I think they get people by their displays. I just want their slipcovered couch though. It’s cheap and I have heard great comments on it.
    I much perfer to go to HomeSense which is like your TJMaxx i think. Oh and a great old barn with antiques!!

    I love your display. You do awesome vignettes Pam!

  6. says

    I agree IKEA is just OK. When I went to the one in Atlanta I bought oven mitts, so at least your towels might have been a little more exciting:-) You came away with a wonderful idea, however, I love the chemistry of your chemistry box and grass. I have an old butter mold that may soon have grass and a stamped fork in it. I am stamping challenged too. Enjoyed your IKEA post. Vicki

  7. says

    Yes…I guess IKEA is not for everyone, but i just love it! I have found some great light fixtures…Christmas decor (50% off)…area rugs…kitchen table and chairs for my beach condo…candles…flatware…bed pillows and etc. I do love this cool looking planter you made…it’s just my style.


  8. says

    Hi Pam….I love IKEA too! Our closest one to us is in Pittsburgh…just about a little over 2 hour drive for us. We went there last year and I bought 15 of those dish towels like the ones you bought! I have plans for those too…one of these days. I do like those black boxes you got for your husband’s office. My husband’s office is a mess, and I have to share that room with him with my desk, etc. We need a major over haul in that room! Thanks for sharing!~Hugs, Patti

  9. says

    I too am one of the many who LOVE Ikea!! Not so much for the furniture although I do have a few piece (most that I’m going to repurpose) but I LOVE their kitchen/linen/cutains/gadgets! An I love to walk around and get ideas and eat Swedish meatballs…Ok…I’m hooked on the darn things…LOL I love the idea with the grass and the stamped fork….I can tell the “r” is broken *wink*

  10. says

    Love this and just read you stamping tutorial too. “pinning” it and ordering my tools lol. I will say I didn’t think Ikea was that great until I was in need of a new furniture. After shopping around I found they had the best prices on couches, tables, entertainment stands, chairs, etc. plus I loved the style.

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