Valentine Decor

Been working on some Valentine’s Day decor around here, which included a run to the store to buy a crochet needle.

Don’t get too excited about the crochet part. As far as I’ve gotten is making a very long chain.

It’s all going to be part of a Valentine’s garland that I’ll show you later.

Can you call it “crocheted” if you only use a chain stitch? Not sure that is fair to all those people that work their fingers to the bone making sweaters and fancy stuff o’ yarn.

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  1. says

    I’m impressed! The only thing I know how to crochet is the loop on my Christmas socks. Apparently I made up a new stitch, because a crochet expert asked me what kind of stitch I used since she’d never seen anything like it before. I don’t think it was a complement.

  2. says

    Wu-hoo! It all starts with a chain stitch! Now, if you really want to sound like a pro, it’s a crochet ‘hook’, not needle. Or you can be like DD & DH and call it a ‘crochet stick’. :) Have fun!! PS: Love the colour of the thread you’re using!!

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