Veterans Day

Some people wonder why I have a POW/MIA ribbon on my car.

I guess I’m not the typical person they expect to see sporting one. Not that there is a typical, but I tend to be a little younger and more female than most of the other people I see with them displayed on their cars.

Well, in short, I was born in the 1960’s and the war was a normal part of my childhood. It was all over the evening news and practically everyone I went to school with knew someone or was related to someone that was serving in Vietnam.

In elementary school we wore POW/MIA bracelets that had the name of a single soldier that was MIA or a POW, their rank and the day they were lost. It was a way to bring awareness to their situation and support for their families.

Do you know there are still over 1,700 people unaccounted for from the Vietnam war?

My oldest brother who served in Korea always had a POW/MIA flag on the back of his motorcycle. After he died a few years ago, I decided to carry on the tradition for him. Just seemed like the natural thing to do.

If you are interested in the history of the POW/MIA bracelets and information on the Vietnam Veterans Wall, please click on the button below.

And if your town is having a Veteran’s Day parade, take time out of your day and show your support to all that served our country.

4th of July Parade

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  1. says

    Today is Rememberance Day in Canada. We all wear a poppy to show are support and “Lest we forget”
    We also wear it in support of our Canadian and American troops who are overseas.

    Great post
    Pamela xo

  2. says

    Pam, there is a trucker here in town, at the old house, who has the POW/MIA painted all over then entire container of his truck and you are right it reminds me of my childhooh in the 60’s. Joe’s brother flew a helicopter in Vietnam and he cannot bring himself to speak of it even after all this time. God bless all of them.

  3. says

    You have a very nice post. I think it is a wonderful idea for you to carry on your family tradition. More people need to think this way.

  4. says

    I forgot all about the MIA/POW bracelets. I know I had one. What a wonderful gesture for you to carry on your brother’s vigil. La

  5. says

    Great post, Pam! My dad was in the military for over 20 years~ I’m an Air Force Brat! When I was in high school, my dad was in Vietnam…hard times

  6. says

    Wow, 1,700! My mom’s brother was in the military and worked in Vietnam during the war. Our Uncle George is a 93 year old WWII vet. Praise the Lord, they are still with us. God Bless you for carrying on such a lovely tradition!

    : )

    Julie M.

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