Why It’s Not Good To Be A Procrastinator

OK, I admit it, I’m a procrastinator.

The oven part of our stove quit working two weeks ago. Since I’m such a master chef, it didn’t really bother me until a few days ago when I realized that Thanksgiving was just around the corner.

Yes, I can go two weeks without my oven working and barely give it a thought. That’s what they make microwavable soup and Wendy’s for.

So I called the stove repair guys and low and behold it’s some circuit board doohickey that they have to order and it won’t be in in time for Thanksgiving.

I think I’m fine with finding alternative ways to cook most of the stuff, but not sure how to cook Tom the turkey.

Has anyone used one of these roasters to cook a turkey before?

Or maybe I should just switch back to my original plan of going out to eat at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. No, I won’t be going to Wendy’s or McDonald’s (Hey, they aren’t open are they?), but some of the ritzier hotels in town have nice buffets going on that we may take advantage of.

Procrastinating does have its downfalls. I’ll be sure to work on that some day.

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    I use one of these roasters every year, they come out juicy and tender! You won’t get the great browncolor on top, but it is never dry……my roaster finally bit the dust and I have to go get a new one! Trust me, you will love it!

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    I use a roaster many years…depending on what’s going on. I always put a bit of Kitchen Bouquet brushed on the top to give it that nice browned look. It is always extra juicy cooked in a roaster. or…Holiday Inn! xo Diana

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    I have the perfect solution: Order a turkey dinner from your local supermarket. ALL of them have that now-a-days. What does it feed? 6-8 people? It would probably even be cheaper than going out to dinner, PLUS you will have all of the leftovers for turkey sandwiches and a couple of full dinners for the weekend! (or you can freeze individual dinners!) This way you’ll get the stuffing, sweet potato casserole, etc. that normally has to be baked. If you want to make your own potatoes, you could probably choose something as a substitute from their list. You could always ask. Well, whatever you decide, I hope you and your family has a lovely, happy and blessed Thanksgiving.
    P.S. I like Wendy’s too. :)
    P.P.S. I think the fast food places ARE open on Thanksgiving!!!! LOL! (It’s Christmas that I think they are closed…)

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    I’m a procrastinator too. I have never used a roaster for a big bird. So if you try it, good luck. But I will tell you I was in the same boat a couple years ago. No working stove or oven. We went out to a local restauraunt for our Thanksgiving dinner. Hope that help with your decision. Take care.

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    Order a dinner and bring it home or you could crash someone’s dinner. You could come to our house and use my oven.
    I like that roaster idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving whatever you decide.

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    I have an oven and will not be cooking a turkey ever, cooking them kind of annoys me. I usually do something smaller like just the breast or cornish hens. I think the roaster will do it justice though, no drying out. Our oven at the old house died and I recently baked cookies with the broiler and that was nuts.

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    i have 1 for yrs before my mom bought mine i borrowed 1 from where i use to work, its worth every penny you can make in garage on porch basement (keep the heat out of kitchen) or if like i use to do make a ham and turkey i can do both at same time….i love mine i really do worse thing is size of it for storing.

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    Alot of stores like Kroger has the whole dinner already made. All you have to do is warm it in microwave. I did that a couple of years ago and it was fine. Roasters work fine too for the turkey…even a large crockpot for a not so huge turkey, maybe a breast. Of course, letting someone else cook, serve and clean up sounds like a plan too! Happy Thanksgiving whatever you decide to do!~Hugs, Patti

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    My family has always used a Nesco to cook the turkey; my grandma had one that my mom inherited…I swear that thing was probably from the 1960s…but it still works like a dream. My sister has a newer one. It’s really nice to be able to use the oven for all the other things, especially if you don’t have a big fancy kitchen with a double oven (like me!)

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    Pam, we only use the roasters for turkeys- and we do two roasters with two birds. They are fairly inexpensive and it will be your best bird ever. andrea@townandprairie

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    My Mother In Law has one :) Are you really considering cooking for Thanksgiving? Have Hubby take you out. Too bad you didn’t live closer to me. Anyway, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    xxoo Liz

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    I just got my over the stove microwave replaced…didn’t realize how much we all use it…we really missed it! I have used a roaster before…worked great! Eating out works, too lol!

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    I’d be hitting a buffet. Or do what my step mother does. Order all the food from a restaurant, transfer it into your own bowls and don’t tell anybody. Act like you’ve been slaving away and even got the kitchen sparkling clean before lunch. Be sure to wear your pearls and heels, too.

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    Pam I didn’t realize you are a master chef as well! Try the roaster, you could even do a turkey breast with all the fixings.

    Thank you so very much for your get well wishes!! I am getting better every day. I love rehab (yes I keep telling myself that)

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

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    My friends use a Nesco and love it for turkey and, well, everything! And even though I am cooking (The kids idea of course!) I think eating out can be great! So many good restaurants to choose from and follow it with a great new movie or drive out into the country…ah. *grin* As a fellow procrastinator, I so understand! So no matter what you do food wise,wishing you a sweet Thanksgiving Day!

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    I’m late to this post, but I see you got a roaster! Hope it does a fantastic job on your Thanksgiving turkey. Putting off having the oven fixed sounds like something I would do too, since I procrastinate with just about everything, lol!


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    Hi Pam!
    My mother-in-law got me one of these a few years ago and i must say, it is amazing! It cooked our turkey for the last two years and each time it was perfect and moist and juicy. Plus it frees up the oven for more important things like pies and cakes and stuffing and such!!!!

    I highly recommend it and it comes with an instruction booklet so there is no guessing!

    So…. did you go out for dinner or???

    We must know!

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