Wooden Flag

A couple people have emailed me and asked about the glimpse of a flag like thing in the background of some of my photos.

It is a wooden flag that I made last summer by following Stephanie Lynn’s tutorial at Under The Table and Dreaming.

Stephanie Lynn was the first person to give me a shout out on their blog and I will be forever grateful to her for that. I can still remember (all the way back from one year ago) how excited I was that she had picked one of my projects from her Sunday Showcase Party to highlight. I was a fairly new blogger at the time and it was a huge boost of confidence.

BTW, the project she picked was my penny bowling ball yard art from last June. This is a photo of it this year. The pennies have aged well and the glue has held up.

It’s sitting on top my my birdbath base now. The top of the birdbath had a little run in with a thirsty raccoon, I think. (Who else takes photos of their broken birdbath besides a blogger?)

So anyhow, I drug my flag out of the basement this Spring and have been using it as a backdrop for some photos. It’s about time to hang it up in the front of the house, so I might have to make another backdrop.

This photo is from last year when we had corn growing around us. Sadly, this year we have the ugly old soy beans.

My apologies to any soy bean farmers out there reading this, but you have to admit, they aren’t going to win any beauty contests. The soy beans that is, the farmers may be quite lovely looking.

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  1. says

    I love that wooden American flag! A friend here made one too..yep American and everyone bugs her about having an American one and not Canadian. I love it. It now hangs in her son’s room.
    Love that penny ball Pam , that is sooo cool!!!
    Back home i used to live by soy bean farmers and i have to agree with you!!

  2. says

    Pam- I had noticed that flag too. It is absolutely a stunner and I love it. I ALSO missed the penny bowling ball before. What a fun thing that is! You are right- who besides a blogger would take a picture of something a raccoon trashed? Only in blogland!;>) xo Diana

  3. says

    You are so clever. I always enjoy seeing what you have been up to. Speaking of being up to…I haven’t seen Otis for a while. I hope he is well.

  4. says

    Your flag is just amazing. I’m getting my patriotic decorations out this evening and transforming the tree in my sunroom over for the 4th. I’d gladly borrow your flag!!

  5. says

    Love the flag–great for the 4th.
    I guess I am behind on your posts.
    Your treasures are great. I have two of the scales on a shelf in my kitchen. They are fun.

    Thanks for stopping by–it is wonderful to see you.


  6. says

    Pam, your last post will not allow any new comments.
    I am sure you will find the most amazing things for your son to do this summer. CP is so misunderstood, and I know there is much work just getting him around, but God chose you because he knew you would be the perfect one to make sure his special child’s life was full and happy.
    Take all the fun things you loved to do and modify them to fit him. When Doug was small, he did a lot of what everyone else said he couldn’t do. It just takes a little more time and a little more thought.
    My “me” time was a bubble bath! Without someone coming in saying “MOM!”. Didn’t have a computer then. LOL
    Enjoy your summer. I will be here when school starts and you have more time.
    Don’t forget the sunblock!
    Hugs- Tete

  7. says

    Pam, I’m glad you decided to keep your “me time” and continue to blog through the summer. I know you can’t always get away, but I’d love to see you this summer for a get-together of the Buckeye Bloggers. I sent an e-mail. I somehow missed seeing your cool flag and the bowling ball. Too cute to sit out on your broken bird bath! Your little brain was on fire for that one. LOL Give me a shout when you have some time. hugs, Sue

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