It is best to start off with a nice healthy African violet plant!  Look for a plant with firm, healthy leaves and lots of healthy looking buds.

Repot African violets as soon as you bring them home from the garden center or grocery store.  The plastic nursery pots they are sold in are not optimum for long term use.

You can use an African violet specific pot which self waters the plant if you prefer.

When picking out a pot, make sure it is slightly shallow - roughly the same size in depth as in width.

When repotting, use an African violet specific soil such as Espoma's African Violet Potting Mix .

A common recipe for making your own African violet potting soil is to mix 1 cup peat moss + 1 cup vermiculite + 1 cup perlite.

Fertilize your African violets spring through fall with an African violet specific fertilizer.

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Let your African violets dry out slightly between waterings and always water from below.


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