(Cute after-Christmas Porch decor)

Repurposed Dinner Plate Snowman

When I'm taking down my Christmas decor, I always leave a bit of greenery on the porch outside to transition it from a festive Christmas porch into a more generic winter porch.

This year I decided to step it up a notch and add a snowman to my porch pot for just a little more character.


– 3 Plates from the thrift store – 1 - 4ft Cedar Fence Picket  – 2 - 3ft Square Dowel  – Saw - Miter, Table or Hand – Hammer/nails or brad nailer – 1 - 2.8oz tube of GE Supreme   Silicone Sealant for Window &   Door Projects


Looks super cute on your porch after the Christmas decor comes down!

– Cut your fence picket to 3 ft long, you will discard the remaining 1 ft – Cut each of your two square dowels into two pieces - one 12" long which will leave the remaining section 24" long (you will use both long pieces, but only one of the shorter ones)

Cut Boards To Length

Take your two 24" long square dowel pieces and place the stakes so 12" will overlap the back of the fence board and 12" will be hanging below the fence board.  I spaced the brads out every 2".

Add Stakes To The Back

Attach your 12" section of the square dowel to be used as the brim of the hat for the snowman.  I put my brim at an angle with the lowest part roughly 8" down from the top of the board. This will sit just on top of the snowman's head.

Attach The "Hat"

Dry brush black paint onto the hat brim and the top of the hat. Dry brushing just simply means to lightly dip your paintbrush into the paint can, dab off any excess on a paper towel, and lightly brush the paintbrush over the wood.

Paint The Hat

Run a bead of glue around the back of the plates and press them firmly against the board. Depending on the instructions on the glue you use, make sure you keep the snowman in a horizontal position (pretend he is napping) until the glue has cured.

Glue Body Parts

After the adhesive has thoroughly dried, your snowman is ready for primetime.

– Sled or Toboggan – Ice Skates – Snowshoes – Skis – Basket Of  Pinecones – Stack Of Decorative    Firewood or Birch Logs

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