How to make silverware wind chimes out of commonly found thrift store items!

You can either try to find vintage silverplate or just go with the massive amount of ordinary silverware in the bins at the thrift store.

SUPPLIES: – Colander  – Silverware – Fishing Line – Tube Shaped Crimp Beads (wire firrules) – Pliers – Drill Press or Drill

Gather your supplies to make your silverware wind chimes.

Using a drill press or a hand held drill make a small hole in the handle of each piece of silverware.

Put the hole near the end of the piece of silverware. You can use forks, spoons or serving pieces.

Curved Arrow

Run one end of the fishing line through the hole in the handle and meet up with the other end (you are doubling up the fishing line for strength).

Add your beads and tie the other end of the fishing line onto a hole in the colander. 

I used one meat fork as the center chime, then 3 forks slightly higher than the  meat fork and 3 spoons slightly higher than those forks.


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