Quick & Easy is the name of the game this year for the holidays and nothing is quicker or easier than these winter porch pots!

I was just a little bit lazy (quick and easy, remember) and didn't want to get my fingers all sappy, so I grabbed my greens at the nursery. But you could just as easily trim your own backyard evergreens for what you need.

And don't forget, Home Depot and Lowes will often give you some Christmas tree cuttings if you ask them nicely. Or they may have pre-made bundles of mixed pine boughs for sale.


Pot Of Dirt Curly Willow, Twigs            or Winterberry Noble Fir Pine Cedar Juniper

Fill a pot with soil. Or if you have a fall container planter still sitting around, you can prune the mums to the ground and use that to anchor your plants.

Insert twigs into center of pot

Place two large branches of noble fir in the back of the pot.

Insert pine branches throughout the pot.

Insert cedar so it drapes over the edges of the pot. Followed by the juniper (with the blue berries).

Get the full DIY directions here.