This DIY scarecrow tutorial is one of those crafts that is so quick and easy you just have to give it a try.

By starting with an inexpensive scarecrow you can pick up at the craft stores (JoAnn Fabrics, Home Depot, etc), you can transform it into the talk of the scarecrow town. The envy of the scarecrow neighborhood. The scarecrow to beat all scarecrows.

Here's what I did to make my plain Jane scarecrow into something a little more fun.

Start with one of the super inexpensive stick scarecrows from the craft store.

Raid your husband's closet for clothes or pick up some inexpensive clothes at the thrift store for him/her.

If you can find a cute straw hat, all the better.

Stuff straw into the arms and legs of the clothing. Staple her new pants to her previously flimsy pants and button her shirt up onto her torso.

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