Quick & Easy  Relaxing  Lavender Bath Salts  Recipe

Nothing beats a long hot soak in a bathtub at the end of the day to RELAX. If you are used to buying your bath soaking salts, you'll be surprised by how inexpensive and easy they are to make yourself!

SUPPLIES: 2 Cups Epsom Salt 1 Cup Pink Sea Salt Flakes 20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil 10 Drops Chamomile Essential Oil  ¼ Cup Dried Lavender Blooms

Pour the Epsom salt and pink sea salt flakes into a large glass bowl. Add the dried lavender petals.


Add your lavender and chamomile essential oil drops.


Mix thoroughly with a whisk and spoon into a glass jar. 


If you want to give these as a gift we've made some pretty little tags you can download and print out.  GREAT gift for Mother's Day!

For more tips on making your own bath salts along with a printable recipe card, storage tips and sources for CUTE glass jars SWIPE BELOW.


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