There are lots of great repurposing projects you can make out of old books.  Making a clock out a book is one of my favorites (plus it's very easy to do)!

Thrift stores are great places to find old books. Reader's Digest books are both colorful (I love their covers) and easy to find. Plus they aren't considered "real" books, so no one is going to care if you use one for a craft project.

SUPPLIES: – An old book – Clockmaking kit – X-Acto knife – Pencil or chalk – Drill and bits – Battery for the clock kit   (mine took 1 AA battery)

Figure out where you want the clock hands to be placed on the book (ie toward the top of the cover, in the middle or closer to the bottom).

This is not an exact science, but you generally want to cut down deep enough so the clock mechanism will set flush with the cover.

Place clock mechanism inside the cutout.

Drill your hole where the hands will poke out the front. 

On the cover side of the book, place the metal washer over the shaft.

Curved Arrow

Screw the tiny metal nut back onto the top and insert second hand in the middle of the nut.


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