The quilting on the Ball jelly jars is perfect for this votive holder project, since the design makes the candle light bounce around nicely.

VOTIVE HOLDER SUPPLIES – 3-5 Ball Quilted Jelly Jars in Assorted Sizes – Metallic Gold Paint – ⅝" wide Ribbon – Jute Twine – Small Craft Paint Brush – Glue Gun with Glue Sticks – Scissors – Battery Operated Votives

Paint the exterior of the jelly jars with your paint color. I prefer the metallic colors, because they add a nice sheen.

Paint the outside and top of the metal band (ring). Since I am putting candles in them, I did not use the solid metal insert you would use if actually canning in these jars

Using your glue gun, attach the ribbon to the band. I found it easier to do this after screwing the band on the jar.

Tie your jute roping onto the jar. You can either tie it underneath the ribbon (shown in Step 4 photo) or on top of the ribbon (shown in Step 5 photo).

Turn your battery operated tea lights on and slide them into the jars.

Curved Arrow

You may prefer the ones that come with a remote control, so it's easier to turn them on and off without tipping the jars over.


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