I always have a starting off point with my porch decor. Something to give me some inspiration on what direction I want my porch to go each year.

This year it was this set of snowshoes I found at an antique mall. I just knew I needed to put them on the porch!

I simply wired the two shoes together, added a pre-made door swag and they were ready to hit the porch.

This plaid door hanger was repurposed from an old Thermos picnic set and makes a great "wreath" for the front door. 

The vintage wooden green glider on the porch was purchased at an antique mall booth earlier this summer. I love the rustic look of the glider!

This was a perfect opportunity to use my faux Pendleton type blanket. I would never leave a real Pendleton blanket outside, but I didn't feel guilty with this one.

I finished it up with a vintage Christmas tree stand and some vintage picnic ware.

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