A reproduction of nostalgic Christmas ornaments.

This easy to make chenille pipe cleaner Christmas craft includes free vintage style printable faces.  Use as Christmas tree ornaments or package ties.

SUPPLIES - Chenille pipe cleaners with bumps in them - Faces (I have you covered - there's a link down below where you can get the faces for FREE) - White school glue or craft adhesive - Scissors - Clothespins (optional)

Print your faces and cut them out. 

(free printable collage available)

Cut chenille pipe cleaners - one piece with 1 bump and one piece with 2 bumps.

Bend larger pipe cleaner in half and insert small pipe cleaner between the "legs".

Twist the neck and twist the waist area around the small pipe cleaner (the "arms" don't move, the "neck" and the "waist" are what gets twisted).

Glue head on neck area.

Curved Arrow

You can use a clothespin to hold it while the glue sets up.

Hang these cuties on the Christmas tree or use them as package ties.


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