One day last summer I was at a local boutique and they had THE CUTEST little feather earrings that I just had to try.

That one purchase led to a full blown earring buying addiction.  Mostly handmade ones from local shops and from Etsy. But after a while it's hard to remember what you have.

I needed somewhere amazing to store my earrings so I could EASILY see them when I was getting dressed! So I made my own earring organizer.


- Frame - Decorative Aluminum Sheet - Tin snips - Craft or Spray Paint - Paint brush - E6000 glue


First of all, you need to find a frame. Thrift Stores are a GREAT place to find inexpensive frames.

Remove any glass and backing from your frame and paint it with craft paint.

I used the glass from the frame as a guide for how large to cut the aluminum backing.

Dry fit your aluminum sheet into the frame to make sure it's the right size. You need it to set on the ledge up against the front of the frame.

Once you know it's going to fit correctly, pull it back out and apply drops of your E6000 glue around the perimeter.

Place your aluminum in the frame and place something heavy on the corners to weigh it down until dried. A couple books, soup cans, bricks or whatever you have around the house will do.

Click or swipe up to get the full DIY directions PLUS a cute ideas for how to hang your stud earrings! 


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