I titled this "Late" Fall Home Decor because, well . . . I'm late. 

But life happens and one day you're in your bikini toasting weenies and s'mores by the campfire and next thing you know it's the end of October and you have yet to drag the fall decor out of the basement.

So I decided to do a very light Halloween theme in the house this year.

Some years I go all out. Some years it's more subtle.

You can't get more subtle than a casually tossed in number 31.

Well, until you move over a few feet from this vignette. Then subtle makes way for my son's new friend.

In my kitchen dining area I have a soft fall vignette consisting of mostly thrift store finds. 

On my vintage baker's cabinet I have last year's fall wreath leaning up against a wooden crate lid.

This little owl is a vintage Gurley candle I bought at an antique store.

This vintage pumpkin candle is also a Gurley. Gurley candles are highly collectible and were made in the 1940's-1970's.  

They made candles for all the major holidays.  Pro Tip: Early candles made by Gurley may have a Tavern brand sticker on them instead of Gurley. 

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