Remake nostalgic 50's Christmas decorations with this quick & easy tutorial.

(original ornament below)

SUPPLIES – Paper Mache Diorama Ornaments – Small Sisal Trees – Small Plastic Deer or Other Christmas Items (I found mine in the fairy garden aisle at the craft store) – Bronze or Copper colored metallic craft paint – Light blue metallic craft paint – White school glue – White glitter – Faux Dimensional Snow that comes in a little jar in the craft paint aisle (it's a thick paste consistency) – Liquid adhesive – Popsickle stick or knife to spread snow

Paint the outside of the ball with the bronze or copper colored metallic paint (I'm using an old juice glass to hold the ball for me). Let dry.

Paint the inside with the light blue metallic paint (it's supposed to look like a cold winter sky). Let dry.

Paint a small circle of craft glue around the rim of the opening.

And dip the glued area in glitter. Let dry.

Spread a little bit of the faux dimensional snow on the bottom of the inside of the ornament

Curved Arrow

Add a little bit of hot glue on the bottom of the tree and place in the snow.

Then you just have to add your deer!

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