It's always a dilemma which way I want to decorate my fall porch. Do I deck out my porch like I normally do with all the traditional festive fall trimmings?

Cornstalks, mums and loads of pumpkins.  Or go for a more simple fall porch look this time?

In the end, I decided to go with a more casual-traditional fall look. It is made with things that should be easily found at your local grocery store or can be DIY’d.

Everything is pretty much yellows and greens. Not a glowing orange Jack-o'-Lantern in sight.

Although I did pick up a slightly greenish-orange gourd for my pumpkin stack.

Pop the stems off the lower pumpkins so the ones above will lie flat. Use inexpensive puffy shelf liner in between pumpkins to keep them from slipping around. 

Tips To Stacking Pumpkins:

I just love the yummy variations in the Limelight Hydrangea blooms this time of year.

They're perfect for my front door wreath. I wait until the blooms start turning pink and burgundy in the fall before cutting them, so they'll stay those shades.

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