I've been on a little bit of a plant buying kick recently and I was needing some planters worthy of my new babies.

I feel like these wooden mid-century plant stands are a nice way to do just that! If you don't have access to the real thing, build your own.

You can see these types of plant stands being sold by West Elm, but honestly this thrift store loving girl is not going to be paying those kind of prices for something so easy to DIY.


- 1"x2"-6' select pine board - 2 - 3/4"x36" square dowels - flat topped wood plugs  - wood glue - screws - Screwdriver - drill or drill press - wood chisel - saw - sandpaper - wood stain - paint brush and clean rag for staining - large round planter


To make the "ledge" the planter will set on, measure the diameter of your pot and add one inch. This is the length you will be cutting your 1 x 2 x 6 ft board into. You need two of these pieces cut.

Using a ruler, measure to the middle of these boards and draw out a ¾" square on each board. This will be the notch where your boards will connect.

I used a jig saw to make a few straight cuts into the little square I wanted removed and then used a chisel to knock out the rest.

Cut your square dowels in half lengthwise, so your 2 dowels become your 4 legs. Each leg will be 18" long.

Drill a pilot hole through the center of each leg and install the ledge part between two legs using screws.

I stained my plant stand using an English Chestnut colored Penetrating Stain. You just put it on with a brush or clean rag, wait 5-15 minutes and wipe off the excess.

As for my planter to sit in the plant stand? It's a popcorn tin from the thrift store I painted gold.

Of course, you can always purchase a round planter instead. If you're not into recycling things from the thrift store. 


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