June 12, 2011

Vintage Picnic Finds

In the summertime I gravitate toward vintage picnic supplies at yard sales and estate sales.

I found this vintage metal Skotch Basket at an estate sale recently for $6.00.

Love the green plaid.

I paid $3.00 for this funky thermos.

I had no idea what language this was until I Googled it.

It's German. My husband's family is 100% German.

Uncanny coincidence? Or fate that the thermos and I were brought together?

It has a weird top to it that you don't normally see in American thermoses.

And I know that because I bought this thermos at a garage sale this weekend for $1.00.

It's a Thermos brand thermos with the normal screw on lid.

Do you remember the original Jarts games? Found one for $1.50 this weekend.

I had one as a child and played it often.

They changed the design of the darts in the 1980's, because they were sharp and the point of the game was to throw them in the air and try to get them in a hula hoop type circle (sort like cornhole or horseshoes).

So picture people standing behind the hula hoop while you throw darts at them in that direction.

Get the picture? Too many darts protruding from heads, feet or worse yet, dogs.

OK, so Sheba's sniffing the darts, not actually sitting with one in her skull, but you get the idea why they were taken off the market.

Weren't games more fun when you had to take life into your own hands when playing them?


  1. The only picnic baskets I find are brown and boring....That green plaid basket is fabulous!

  2. Love the picnic basket. And happy to hear no harm came to Sheba in the game of jarts!

  3. That picnic basket is very cool! I used to play jarts when I was younger, too. My cousin even got one in her foot! Fun times!!

  4. Cute post! Very entertaining! Thanks,


  5. Great finds, Pam.

    When I was a kid, I had a red plaid lunchbox that looked like your picnic pail. Yeah, when my little brother was little one of these Jarts ended up in the center of his OCCUPIED playpen.

  6. Lovin' your green plaid basket Pam! I think the Fun Police killed lawn darts:@)

  7. Love the Skotch basket! I like vintage thermoses also...my father had one exactly like your red plaid one. The German one is really cool too. 'Dreipunkt' I think translates as 'three dots' or 'three points'. I took German in school for six years. ;-)
    I wish they still made the original Jarts...it was such a fun game! As usual, it only takes a couple of people to do something wrong to ruin it for everyone else! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Those are great finds! We had a red plaid cooler like that when I was a kid! And my dad took that same red plaid Thermos with him to work every day. Ah, memories. BTW, my mom wouldn't let us get Jarts. Then years later, SHE bought a set at a garage sale for herself... the nerve! :-)


  9. Love the green picnic basket! I just got a red one just like it!

  10. Your green plaid basket is simply DIVINE!

  11. Fun stuff--love the green plaid!
    Dart game is cool too.


  12. I LOVE the green plaid! Usually I only find the red ones, but I much prefer things in green and blue shades. This is the perfect time of year for lawn games. Our family always loved croquet. And at summer church picnics we would play horseshoes and lawn darts. Good memories.
    Be sure to come by my blog. I'm having a little giveaway.

  13. You find the MOST AMAZING and unique items!@ I'm completely in love with your vintage treasures!!! Seriously, people throw around the word "unique" and the word "treasure" but those words rarely truly apply. They are certainly applicable to your awesome items!!!!
    Lana In Italy

  14. You founds the makings of a great day spring day! (dangerous darts included haha) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Love the picnic basket and the darts set. We had the same ones growing up. Yes they are very dangerous.

  16. I love all of your vintage picnic finds and would have jumped at the chance if I had it to buy any of them. I think my mom still has a plaid thermos like the one that you found.

  17. Is it wrong that I so envy you your dangerous lawn darts? I would love me some of those - who needs toes or eyes or short term memory there's fun to be had on the lawn! Love the picnic basket, too!

  18. As my mom used to say, "It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out!"

  19. That is an awesome picnic basket. I've never seen a metal before.

  20. Oh yes, I remember Jarts. They were fun, weren't they?

    Love that green picnic basket. Very cool.

  21. Just discovered your blog, and I am so glad I did!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  22. LOL, you crack me up. I love picnics too.

  23. Lovely picnic basket. You got an actual flask! Great for you. Terrific blog.

  24. Wow--what a beautiful basket. Great find!

  25. Love all the vintage picnic finds. The plaid basket is wonderful.


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