But, They Really Are Beautiful

On the way back from Cleveland on Friday, I stopped off at a Goodwill store about 1 1/2 hours north of here. I’ve probably only been there a good handful of times, since it’s only a trip that would make sense if I am passing by that exit already, but for some reason I have the best luck at this store. I have run across vintage picnic baskets there, a McCoy vase and all sorts of neat vintage furniture. I have never walked out of that particular Goodwill store empty handed.

And Friday was no exception.

When I walked down the aisle and spotted this china, I stopped dead in my tracks. The blue on the plates was mesmerizing. Really, I stood there for a few minutes just thinking how much I loved the color.

You don’t need any plates, Pam.

But, they really are beautiful.

You won’t use them that often.

But, they really are beautiful.

You didn’t come here with any thought whatsoever in your pretty little head that you were going to buy plates.

But, they really are beautiful. And thanks for calling our head pretty, but we really do need to touch up our roots.

So before I talked myself out of it, I plopped the plates into my cart and ran to the checkout line.

$10 for 4 dinner plates, 4 coffee cups, 4 saucers and 4 salad plates. If you’re counting, that’s $2.50 a place setting.

And they really are beautiful!

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  1. says

    I am sure you have spent $10.00 more foolishly. At least that is what I always tell myself! I want to see a beautiful tablescape with those dishes now!

  2. says

    Pretty for sure. Love the pattern. Powder blue is charming. A GREAT price. How could you possibly leave them there? They HAD to come home. Good call. ENJOY! Take care.

  3. says

    Love them in blue. My moms good dishes when we were small, was this wheat pattern in yellow trimmed in gold. Have no idea who ended up with them, but it wasn’t mom. I have found a few pieces here and there like hers that I have bought to remind me of her.
    They were dishes at the grocery store, where you buy so much and save the stamps and then get a place setting for a cheap price. That’s how mom got hers.
    We had 4 grocery stores- IGA, Foodland, Great Scot and Kroger. It would have been one of those.
    Glad you didn’t pass them up!

  4. says

    I love the color and even the design. I was thinking when I saw them that they looked like dishes I had seen at the grocery store many moons ago. Where you get a piece with so much money you would spend. You did well my friend.

  5. says

    Wonderful deal on the dishes and thank you for sharing them at my party. About the paint color…I will go out to the storage room tomorrow when it’s warmer, to check on the name for you.


  6. says

    My grandmother had the yellow version of those plates and they bring back very fond memories. I love the blue version even better. I’m so glad you rescued them. What an amazing price!!

  7. says

    They are beautiful!! And a bargain to boot! You girls did well. Glad your better half won! My roots need touching up too – that comment sure made me grin :)
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  8. says

    Oh, I love them! Your post made me LOL. My husband said, “we didn’t discuss this,” when I bought a full set of Corelle Crazy Daisies in green that I had when I was a little girl. Then he secretly told me he liked them later. Haha! :)

  9. says

    Girl I passed up that same set at a local antique shop for $30 and when I went back they were gone. Still kicking myself. All because I didn’t “need” more dishes. Need is sometimes a relative word. You got a steal!

  10. Lynne says

    These were my grandparent’s good dishes and my mother has entrusted them with me to pass on to my children as well. They are very treasured. I am breaking them out for a tea party I am planning for just the women/girls of the family and was looking for the pattern on line to copy for the invites. I’m so glad you found them and I hope you enjoy them as much as my family has.

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