Dining Room Tour

Second part of the house tour is the dining room. This should be a short post, because the room is pretty darn small.

There was some question when we bought the house what we would use this room for. My husband wanted to use it as a home office, I wanted to use it as a dining room. I won. Of course. Girls always win in these situations.

Sad thing is that we use this room only for holidays, but I really did need a proper room to put my Grandmother’s corner cupboard, so I have no regrets in putting the office elsewhere.

It’s currently painted a yellow-ish gold color from Lowe’s Waverly line called Honey Pot. I am seriously thinking of changing it up and painting it a light turquoise, because I have this whole love/hate relationship with the color and I might as well go for broke with it.

The table was bought at a local antique store and can be extended to seat eight. Six if you want to be able to bend your elbows and not knock someone’s eye out.

The chairs came from an antique store in Georgia. I bought them on ebay and had them shipped here by Greyhound Bus. I can’t remember the exact price I paid for them, but I’ve been cheap my entire life, so needless to say, they were a bargain.

The dogs have made their way into the dining room also.

I never worked for the Farm Bureau, but it was a fun thrift store find.

It sits on top of the chest that I refinished and next to the clock that I am afraid to plug in, because it may catch fire. I should probably set it to 5:00 though since chances are we will never be eating in here at 9:00 AM or PM.

I’ve got a date with some Shiny Brites tonight, so I have to run.

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  1. says

    Your dining rooms looks really pretty Pam. I like the color of your walls…but you know me, I love just about every color imaginable. Your hutch looks so pretty too all stylized.

  2. says

    I love your hutch. I dream of someday having one. Of course I also dream of having a place to put one! Right now my hubby is winning the war in our dining room – it’s mostly still an office. Grrrr. Someday though someday….

  3. says

    I love your dining room, Pam! I didn’t know you could ship chairs by Greyhound! Seriously, you did?

    Hope you and your “date” have a good time tonight~ Should we be expecting some Baby Shiny Brites in the future? xo Diana

  4. says

    Pam, I love the dining room too. I could have driven the shield chairs up there in my pick up truck. It would have been fun. That lantern is large and in charge. I like it too. You are outdoing me with this tour. I never have any room clean enough to take photos of the whole room. One day. Maybe. xo, olive

  5. says

    So glad you won the room for your grandmothers corner hutch. It’s beautiful and only right that it gets it’s own room. Love that the dogs made their selves at home – you have quite the collection of them, and they are all so darn cute!

  6. says

    This is a beautiful room and the furniture is gorgeous.! Turquoise? Can’ wait to see how this will look! I painted my front door turquoise last year and love it. Now everyone can find my house. Depending on the shade you use, I think it will look terrific!

  7. says

    What a warm cozy room. I can’t wait to see it painted, I’m also ready to paint my dining room it’s such a cheap, easy way to breathe life in a room. Thanks for sharing.
    Leslie (gwen moss)

  8. says

    Your dining room is so cute. Your little dogs are adorable and I like the pattern of the chairbacks. I laughed out loud about your danger clock. I have a cute old electric clock that I finally put away because the wiring on it looked suspicious to me. It dated from the early 1940s. Now I’m trying to remember where it was that I finally put it away to. I am enjoying your house tour, can’t wait to see more.

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