Estate Sales Tick Me Off

I went to an estate sale on Friday that looked promising in the ads. I got there two hours after they opened and a lot of the stuff I had seen online was already gone. The early bird really does catch the worm at estate sales. I did end up finding this watering can in the garage though.

It has its holey spout thing, which for some reason seems to get lost on a lot of these types of watering cans,

and a great chippy red paint job. So I was pleased with my find even though it wasn’t accompanied by a boatload of other vintage goodies .

On an entirely different note, after writing yesterday’s exuberant post about my glorious weekend, I took a bath. Exciting I know, but stay with me here. So I’m lounging in the bathtub just replaying in my mind my happy go lucky weekend, when I notice a scab on my leg. I run my hand over said scab and pick it off (bad habit of mine) and then notice that the scab is moving!!! Eek!


We had been walking the dogs in the park earlier in the day, so I must have picked up my friend there. In true blogger fashion, I took a photo of the tick before I put it in a baggie and attached it to the side of my fridge. I want it to be handy in case I start to develop any symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease.

BTW, how long does it take for a tick to die? I sort of thought he would just suffocate in the baggie, but he’s still walking around in there. Wait, they can’t chew through a baggie can they? It’s a freezer baggie if that makes a difference. I may have to put the baggie in a canning jar tonight, so I can get some sleep.

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    Around here, peeps are lined up at least an hour before a sale….and if you are not there early…you miss all the good stuff! After 20 minutes, usually it is gone and they are off to another sale.

  2. says

    I’m in love with your chippy watering can. I’m wondering if you should start a death watch countdown for the tick? I’m guessing 72 more hours of oxygen is left in that bag. hee hee.

  3. says

    I love your chippy red watering can; at least they left something for you. Oh my goodness, glad to hear you found that little pest and hopefully before it did any damage.

  4. says

    P- he won’t die. Thos suckas live for days. By the way, it’s the year of the tick. Bunch of dog people I know have had their dogs COVERED in the in early March. It never got cold enough for them to die. Love your can. I had one with a BEAUTIFUL spout that MY HUSBAND took OFF and THREW OUT b/c he said it took too long to pour. Can you believe????

  5. says

    What if you freeze the tick. The deer ticks are really really small. I don’t think we usually get them here. They are really bad on the East Coast. My daughters in laws live their and they both have had Lyme’s disease and several other realtives. Just watch for a bulls eye redness.
    Love the red watering can. Its a shame that all the goodies took off before you got there.

  6. says

    Pam, the watering can is lovely. You may want to take some Doxycycline, from your doctor, for the tick bite, just in case. I used to work with Lyme disease Family Medicine speciallist Dr. Felz and patients handed me ticks all the time while we preferred them to come in with the ticks attached so we could take them off. I try to be in line for our estate sales when they open or all is lost here.

  7. says

    LOVE the red watering can! I feel the same way about estate sales. If I find one thing I love, even if it’s just a small thing, it was worth going to.

    In MN, the ticks have already been out a few weeks because of the warm winter. We are exposed to Lymes and Erlichiosis, and last year they added one more disease, but I can’t remember the name offhand. For such a small critter, they sure do spread diseases!!! I’d put that thing in a jar in the freezer!

  8. says

    I love your red can! I have 3 but none are painted. I hate the estate sales that aren’t really estate sales. Argh!

    Sorry about the tick. I can’t help you there. . .we have scorpions.

  9. says

    I hate to tell ya that a tick can last an entire year on one stinkin’ feedin’. I’ve had the come outta the dryer after goin’ through the wash…alive. Heck girl, cats don’t have a thing on ticks!!!

    Was the tick stuck? If not there is no chance of Tick Fever. I always drench a cotton ball in alcohol and place it over the tick for just a bit. The tick hates it and starts to back out which makes it easier to pull and you instantly have the bite disinfected.

    I’ve grown up with the things livin’ in the Ozarks and all.

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself an excellent week!!! :o)

  10. says

    Glad you had a great weekend and your photos are awesome of yesterday. Love those blossoms.
    I think you can kill the tick and still keep it. Just smash it with a hammer or rolling pin.
    We don’t have many ticks here, but the fleas are about already.

  11. says

    First…don’t you think that Mark is just too funny? Ha!
    Now, you be careful with that tick! I had Lyme’s Disease and it’s no fun! This will really make you feel good too…sometimes after a tick bite you’ll have the disease but it will come back negative when tested…just sayin’ you better swash that sucker flat!!
    I think you got the best of the sale…that watering can is wonderful!!

  12. says

    Oh gosh, that made me laugh out loud! I even had to read it to my husband – and I said who does THAT sound like, and of course, he pointed at me! I would sooo put that in a jar too. I’ve had more than my share of ticks out here in the country ~ and ~ let me tell you, you can’t flush them either! They sometimes cling to the side of the bowl….shudder…shudder…

  13. says

    Old watering cans are so charming and you found a great red one. I do know how disappointing it can be when all the good stuff is gone.
    Sure hope that wasn’t a bad tick on your leg. Just keep an eye on the spot you found it.
    Mary Alice

  14. says

    Love your old watering can…do NOT like the tick! Watch for the red ring around where the tick was…that’s the sign for Lyme’s disease…but those ticks are really little-they are deer ticks. I don’t think they can eat their way through plastic though-LOL- xo Diana

  15. says

    Put the tick in rubbing alcohol and it will die, my first husband and I had two dogs that lived outside and they got ticks constantly, even tho we had the yard sprayed at least twice a month, our neighbors didn’t spray…every night we took tweezers and the rubbing alcohol in a jar and picked them babies off….GROSS!!!! You have to kill it! It could be a female….if your leg gets swollen, red or sore or you feel like the flu, get to an Urgent care…..seriously….Sandy

  16. says

    Hey honey, the sprinkler part is called a rose. I’ve always found that the best way to stop/trap ticks once they are off your body, is to use scotch tape and make a tick sandwich; tape, tick, tape. You can’t kill them easily squishing them, so this way, it’s not getting out and they die, slow. I don’t mind snakes, spiders or mice but I HATE ticks.
    Hope you are well, leave them scabs alone.

  17. says

    I remember getting to estate sales at least an hour and half before the doors opened…always dealers there for hours before! The watering can is great.
    I, too, heard this going to be the year of the tick…I am not looking forward to it…our little tiny 9 lb. chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachsund) is sure to pick them up walking out in the back yard.

  18. says

    Ewwww! You just inspired a fit of head checking and nervous picking over here since we walked to the park today.

    I do love the watering can though.

  19. says

    Was your tick one of those teeny tiny kind? Those are the ones that carry Lyme disease. If you notice anything, make sure you go to the doctor right away. I had Lyme disease five years ago and it was absolutely horrible…I think I still suffer from the effects of it.

    On a happier note, the watering can is very cute…great color :)

  20. says

    Yuk! I hate ticks. They are thick this year because of all of our rain. Can’t wait for them to not be so numerous.
    Nice find at the estate sale though. Estate sales are always fun to go to.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  21. says

    I love that watering can. If I found that at a sale it would be all I wanted. I find that sometimes I get jealous when people walk out with stuff I like. Then I realize I probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway – I can only buy so much. I usually cut ticks in half with a knife or mash them with tweezers. They are so creepy!

  22. says

    I love your find. It’s the prefect shade of red. Looks like it’s in good condition too! Double bonus!

    Man I hate ticks!!!!!!

  23. says

    Great watering can. What a wonderful red. I haven’t gotten any ticks since I’ve lived in northern Illinois, but I know there are some out there. In Tennessee, though, it was all too common.

  24. says

    A tick. YIKES! I hate them. Glad it’s gone. WHEW! The Estate Sale sounds like fun and I’ve got to tell you, finding that watering can would have MADE my day. ENJOY!

  25. says

    Hey darlin’, I wanted to thank your for your visit and hoppin’ on my blog. I sure hope ya enjoy the ride!

    God bless and have yourself the best of days sweetie!!! :o)

  26. says

    No way would I keep that tick alive or in my kitchen. I got one of those on the back of my head once and I was so totally freaked!!!

    Glad you found that adorable watering can..just the right color and patina!

  27. says

    LOL OK, you have me laughing about the tick coming our of the bag! LOL If it was me, I would put it in a jar also! :) You are very brave! I would of run out of that bathtub screaming! I love your watering can! Can you believe I have never been to a state sale?

  28. Anonymous says

    Hello, My kids and sister called me the “estate sale Nazi” because at 6:30 in the morning, I locked my mother’s gate to keep out the early birds, who were waiting to come in. At 6:30 in the morning! They all waited in their cars until I opened at 9. They had to just look over the fence at all the goodies we were selling. I think if a sale is advertised on the internet, the time should be fixed. People drove 50 or 60 miles to our sale, so I didn’t let anyone in early. Love your pics and the red waterin can.

  29. says

    Oh my your “tick” story sort of grossed me out but I’m glad you caught the sucker in time. Ick!
    Great watering can though, love the red color.

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