Garage Sale Finds (aka Picnic Basket!!!)

I am officially addicted to garage sales now!

People who know me IRL will find that amusing because I would never in a million years go to a garage sale when I was a kid. No way, no how, never going to happen. I found it totally embarrassing that my mother would go to garage sales and drag other people’s stuff home.

But then a few years ago a neighbor down the street had a yard sale, I stopped and found some neat vintage items


Then this year, since I had more time on my hands, I decided to stop by a few and just see what they had. Maybe the garage sale from a few years ago was not a fluke?

Yes, the majority just have over-priced junk that no one wants anyhow, but occassionaly I would come across some antique or vintage items at FAR, FAR LESS than I would ever find them at the antique stores.

Take for instance yesterday. I went to one “estate sale” waaaay out in the country that was pathetic. No price tags on anything and the items I did ask about were priced way higher than you could buy them for at the fanciest antique store. **sigh**

I thought the day was a bust, but on the way home I ran across a street in the older part of my town that had numerous garage sale signs on it. So I stopped and found this these little beauties

Now, who would not buy this fantastic cookbook for 25 cents? There’s a recipe for Charlene’s Hoot Owl Pie (can substitute chicken if you want), Rodney Darling’s Blackened Pig, Coca-Cola Pork Chops and many more tasty dishes.

Remember the Aunt Bee’s pickle episode? They even have her Kerosene Cucumber recipe!!

BTW, I named my son’s cat Otis, after Otis Campbell the town drunk so I just may have a weird fascination with The Andy Griffith Show.

And for 50 cents who could pass up a huge blue ball jar – no lid, but still a good find since I have never seen one that size before (1/2 gallon???).

A cute,little, never been used before straw Croft & Barrows purse for $1.50.

This wooden stand was only 50 cents. It has a slight bowl shape to it and the woman who sold it to me said it used to sit on her Mom’s coffee table with wooden fruit in it when she was a kid.

This metal cake plate/holder/carryingcase was only 50 cents also so I couldn’t pass this up. Now when I take a cake to my next cookout I will be all set. I mean I would have to take the cake out of the plastic container that it comes in from the grocery store first, but it will look real pretty sitting in this!

And when I saw this little guy I almost fell over. I have been wanting a vintage picnic basket forever, I just never found one I liked enough to part with the money for. This was only $3.00, so I snapped it up.

I love the diamond pattern on the side of it!!!

I am linking to Debbiedoos Garage Salen party. Go over to her blog to check out what other great finds people have made this weekend!

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  1. says

    Wow! You really did good! I used to hate garage sales as a child too! LOL! I really like the shape of your picnic basket being more square! I also really love the Mayberry cookbook! I’ve never seen one of those, that’s a hoot! You found lots of neat stuff!

  2. says

    Hi Pam… your little opening story on your history of garage sales:) I was the same way…I used to think YUK, gross, why? Well now I love to go thrifting any chance I get. Your scores where hard to pass up…loving that cook you have to try a recipe of two. And the basket…second one I saw this week, I love it! Thanks for joining in on the party.

  3. says

    Hi Pam, thanks for stopping by ‘atmuldoon’. I laughed out loud about the cake in a plastic container but being a fan of Sandra and ‘Semi Homemade’ it did make sense. All your other finds were great would have been mine if I had gotten there first :) And I remember the wooden fruit phase too.

  4. says

    What a great array of treasures you scored!!
    My mother was that way and she mortified when I started to go to garage sales!! Then she started coming with me and grew to love it as much as I did! It is one of the best memories of my times together with my mother before she passed away.


  5. says

    Hi Pam.. your visit to my blog today put a big smile on my face.. thanks so much!
    The history of garage sales.. whow.. I remember my mom, back in the 60’s selling stuff on the front sidewalk of our house.. we all used to hide,,lol
    Thanks again..

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