One Ringy Dingy

I bought a cute little vintage toy phone at the antique store for $6.00 this weekend.

(roll mouse over photo to see original photo SOOC)

From the photos it looks like a full size vintage phone, but it’s only 5″ long by 3″ tall. Very petite for a toy phone, I think.

It almost looks like the phone I grew up with. Black with rotary dial.

Please tell me I wasn’t the only person that used to get their fingers caught in the holes in the rotary dial. Maybe I just had pudgy fingers?

I’m shopping for a new cell phone today and the decisions are endless. Am I an iPhone person? Am I am Android person? Do I stay with Blackberry? Who has cooler apps? Which carrier has the better plan? Just buy the darn phone already!

Back in this phone’s time you had one choice. Black. AT&T. Take it or leave it, lady!

Do you live and die by your cell phone or could you just as easily survive without it?

For my photo effects, I used Pioneer Woman‘s Action Set – Boost at 100% opacity, Kim Klassen’s Pumpkin Grunge texture in Soft Light at 100% opacity and her Simplicity texture in Multiply at 40% opacity for all these photos.

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  1. says

    Those toy phones are right up there with rusty toy trucks for me. Love it! As far as cell phones go, ours sits on top of a cupboard 95% of the time and only comes out for road trips. I’d rather have a simple rotary phone. In fact, our home phones are the repros from Reatoration Hardware. I’ll be so sad when we no longer have land-lines. :{

    The photo effects are all Greek to me, but your photos are awesome!

  2. says

    LOVE this cutie!! the little cord is adorable too. what a fun piece to decorate with!!
    I am fairly entrenched in the cell phone world b/c my hubby works for one of the major carriers. 😉 I have an android, and I like it, although I do look forward to getting an iPhone. There are just some apps and things that are nicer and easier than with an android. No Instagram photos with Android! :(
    My hubby has used extensively his iPhone, Windows phone and Blackberry. He loves the Blackberry every time he goes back to it, but eventually always comes back to the iPhone. (not trying to sell you on it, just tellin our experience.)

    Blackberry is having some extensive business issues- I’d be wary of falling in love with it- it may not be here to last. :( (hard to believe!!)
    hope that helps!

  3. says

    My mother had this exact same toy phone. We used to play with it at my grandparents. My mother is 68. Seeing that phone brings back such lovely memories of playing at my grandparents house.

  4. says

    I left my phone at the doctors on Friday. It spent the whole week-end there. It wouldn’t have been bad except our land line dies after being on the phone only 2 minutes.
    That little phone is adorable. It does remind me of the older phones for sure. Do you remember party lines…..probably not… are maybe too young.

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    Gosh, how cute is that?! I’ve been wanting a new cell phone too. I’m not one of those people who is terrible attached to mine, but I want a new phone so that I can text people more easily. My husband has an iPhone and he’s messing with it constantly, which I find quite annoying, but I think I might go the iPhone route too.

  6. says

    Great post — I love your images; you’d never know it wasn’t full-sized! We have a reconditioned old phone in my husband’s study. They sure are heavy, though (talking on the phone is a good workout…..) I’m curious, is your toy phone heavy, too?

    • says

      No, it probably only weighs a few ounces. I remember how heavy the real ones were though. You wouldn’t want to drop one on your foot.

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    My hubby has a “real” old phone like your toy one. I’m always amused at how the grandchildren are immediately attracted to it and start dialing it (it’s not hooked up). We had a four-party line growing up…our phone ring was 2 short rings….those were the days. Cell-phone today?….it’s convenient when away from home.

  8. says

    Oh Ernestine!
    Answer that phone, it is me wanting to go shopping with you. I love that phone. No I am not all tied up in phones. I have a basic cell phone, and that is all I can handle. Sometimes I stuff it in my bra when I have no pockets, and then when it rings, I can’t remember where it is!

  9. says

    This is so adorable and i did not know they existed!!!! We had a real version of this one! I miss the dial phones.
    My husband wants the android. Anyways I could live without my cell because i when i am out i always forget to turn it on lol!!!

  10. says

    Flip phone here…. No bells and whistles….. I don’t use it except for long distance and for quick convenience when I’m out. I don’t get the whole texting thing. I’d rather talk to someone. Takes me too long to switch between numbers and letters, even on my husband’s blackberry. And it is sheer H*&# to do it on MY phone! LOL
    I love the olden phone the husband bought at the antique store. It is heavy as all get out, it still works, and it looks cool!

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    Cute phone! I just got my little one an old rotary phone and he thinks it is the best fun ever! Did we ever think that we should keep them when we were desparate to upgrade to the push button phones?!

  12. says

    I don’t live by my phone but I would miss it if I
    didn’t have it. We have Blackberry’s and I will
    keep mine–Ken like’s his but it has some issues.
    He wouldn’t mine a different one.
    We had a rotary phone when I was growing up-
    love it.


  13. says

    Oh what a cute phone! Sometimes I long for the days when our only means of communication were either that little black phone or hollering out the back door! Between my cell phone, hand-held phone, ipad, and computer I feel like I never have any privacy! But all in all I guess I’m glad we have easy ways of connecting to each other. Now I’m off to check out more of your blog:)

  14. says

    What an adorable small version of a an old vintage phone. I remember the bigger ones well. Life was so simple then. Good luck with that cellphone choice. We went with ANDROID Global 2. Love it. Easy to operate, etc. That was a year ago may be obsolete now? Everything changes at warp speed. take care.

  15. says

    Pam this is your best find yet. I love vintage toy phones. I have two chippy metal ones. One in red and one in white. I love them both. I’ve never seen one like you’ve found. I’m so excited for you.

  16. says

    Your toy phone is too cute! I remember playing with a plastic Princess phone but your black rotary dial is way cooler! As for a cell phone, I’m using my son’s old flip phone. He’s the one with the iPhone! Go figure. I’ve been considering upgrading but hate to pay for the data plan. Good luck on your decision. Oh and I’m having my first every Choose Joy Giveaway at Cottage and Creek. Please stop by to enter and join the fun :)

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    What a sweet little deal you got there. I remember having a toy phone similiar to that when I was a young girl. Sweet post, brings back some memories! Following you. Diane

  18. says

    I love this phone. I am looking for the original one. Boy, are they pricey. I can remember listening in on the party line til mama caught me.
    I can take or leave the cell phone. I don’t use unless I am away from home. Even then it is turned off or has a dead battery. Go figure.
    Hugs, Ginger

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