Spring Peat Pot Craft

This week I have been bitten by a huge case of spring cleaning fever! Nothing in the house is safe. I’ve taken two car loads to Goodwill and will probably have another car load by the end of the weekend. It feels strange to drop things off there and not run in the front door to check out the new arrivals (I’d probably be tempted to buy back my own stuff anyhow).

So, while I’m vacuuming the cat and before Easter sneaks up on us, I wanted to replay one of my favorite spring craft posts from last year:

For Peat’s Sake – April 2011

While perusing one of my favorite vintage/crafty blogs, Musings From Kim K., I ran across a post that showed how to turn peat pots into little Easter decorative baskets.

All of a sudden a light bulb came on in my head. I had seen things like this at gift shops and antique stores, but had no idea they were made with good old peat pots.

I found mine at the local grocery store, but I have seen them at Home Depot, Lowes and Big Lots too. Just about anywhere that sells gardening goods.

I did a couple versions of the little baskets just to show the versatility of what you can do with them.

A little bit country (image used was from Vintage Holiday Crafts)

a little bit rock ‘n roll Pottery Barn-ish (image used was from The Graphics Fairy)

and a little bit cottage-esque (image used was from who knows where – I’ve had it for years saved on my computer)

I’m sure I could have been a little more creative on these, using buttons, flowers or lace to bling them up a bit, but since I’m not a normally super crafty gal, I thought it better to stop when I was ahead on these.

Do you ever do that? Make a craft that is OK, then you start messing with it and before you know it it is in the trashcan. Then I won’t show you the Mod Podged sheet music one that is currently buried beneath coffee grounds and banana peels.

I thought I’d get a little wild on the handles though, so for this one I used wire that I had wrapped about a pencil to make a springy handle.

This handle is a tea dyed bumpy chenille stem.

And on this one I thought a tinsel stem that I had left over from Christmas was a good fit (matches well with the snowy glitter).

Now I just have to buy some Cadbury eggs to fill them up.

Go on over to Kim’s blog and check out her post with a easy to follow tutorial HERE.

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  1. says

    Buying back your own stuff- too funny! My husband jokes that if something happened to me he’d have a HUGE estate sale. Only he doesn’t know the stuff would sell for WAY less than the price I paid for it.

    Those little Easter “pails” are adorable. Even cuter with Cadbury eggs.

  2. says

    The way this winter has been, Spring has sprung much earlier this year! Like you, I’ve been doing major cleaning with the air blowing through the open windows. Wonderful!

    Your peat pots are definitely something to cherish. : )

  3. says

    So cute! I wish I lived close enough to a goodwill to drop things off as I got them ready. I’m sure it would help my house stay so much cleaner. At least that’s my story…. 😉

  4. says

    What a great idea! I love that image from the graphic fairy and I think I have the perfect project for it!

    Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for linking to our party!


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