Vintage Shiny Brites

I bet you were expecting to see a tree decorated with Shiny Brites. All in good time. Should it really take a week to decorate a skinny, 5 foot tree?

But this photo was taken when I was just starting the tree decorating process the other day. I had just unwrapped all my ornaments and tossed them in a Coke crate, so that I could make sure everything had their hangers securely attached before I put them on the tree this time. Lacey’s favorite pastime is wagging her tail as she walks past the tree and getting ornament hangers snagged on her butt, so I was trying to avoid any unfortunate accidents this year.

I turned around to grab another ornament and ran to grab my camera instead. Nothing says Christmas more than a jumble of Shiny Brites.

This is where my Mom would say that a nativity scene or a choir or something like that probably says Christmas more. But in a commercial sort of way, Shiny Brites do it for me.

What says Christmas to you?

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  1. says

    Shiny Brites. I love that they spelled it Brite too. Kind of just to through you off. When I dig in boxes at estate sales and see that classic spelling I swear I become tachycardic.

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