December 16, 2011

Winter Front Porch

Grab a cup of steamy hot chocolate and sit with me on the front porch.

I've got a blankie for you, because it's a little bit cold to be sitting on the porch here in Ohio this time of year. Actually, the neighbors would bring me a straight jacket if they saw us out here.

Oh, deer. The deer are staring at us.

Or maybe they are staring at my apple wreath that I have had for far too many years. Every year I think I will change it up a little, but every year I end up just fluffing the bow and throwing it on the front door.

We're greeted by my miniature blow mold Santa and sleigh that I bought at an antique mall years ago.

"I left a little extra in your stocking this year, since you've been so good!"

I've got an extra pair of skates for you if you'd like to going ice skating on the pond.

Or if we get hit with a good blizzard, we can go sledding. BTW, this is my Flexible Flyer sled from my childhood. Many a finger were smashed under those red metal runners.

Please put your cup down and come check out my garage.

Why yes, I do decorate my garage.

It's not Christmas until you've hung the bells on the carriage lights.

I know that many people may think my bells are on the verge of tacky, but I think they shout retro-funky-It's A Wonderful Life. "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings."

And my garage decor just would not be the same without them.

Thanks for visiting me. Let's finish our hot chocolate and get the heck back in the nice warm house!

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  1. Everything looks lovely! I've got a child's thermos that I put on a bench outside our back door. I think the meter reader guy wonders what it's doing there.

    LOVE the bells on your garage.

  2. Looks beautiful! I chuckled at the wreath comment....Mine is SO old, but when I mention getting a new one, everybody says no, they like that one!!

  3. What a festive front porch. You'd never know that you've had that wreath for years. It looks wonderful. Love the touch of the ice skates too. As you can imagine, I'm completely smitten with your blow mold Santa and reindeer. They are just adorable.

    Christmas hugs!

  4. Love that porch Pam and I do like the plaid thermos and vintage Santa mold. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Does your Post say H*O*M*E or what!*!*!
    LoVe that thermos & ChiPPy Green Tote the BeSt!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  6. You have decorated everything very well. I would be delighted to sit with you, wrapped up of course, and have hot chocolate. I pay no attention to the neighbors.

  7. Thanks for the hot chocolate. I love your porch, specially the skates tucked in the wall hanger.
    Happy Holidays

  8. On my way now Pam! How charming. Love the sled,and of course the hot chocolate was perfect.

  9. I'll bring my cup, but no ice skating for me...I'm too clumsy, but I'll watch and cheer you on! Merry Christmas,

  10. Do you have any candy canes to stir the hot Chocolate with? If so . . . I'm there. I love a bright, brisk December day. LOL!

    Your decorations look amazing as always and I'm liking the bells to. They are perfect.

  11. Oh- I so enjoyed the hot chocolate while we sat on your porch and everything looks so festive at your house. I love your bells on the garage! I love Its a Wonderful Life- my favorite all time Christmas movie!
    I hope you had your long johns on. We were 56 here yesterday, but 31 today. I have been going from sunscreen to mittens!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Pam! Have a wonderful time!

  12. As pretty as can be! I have my flexible flyer on the porch too but I must say yours looks much nicer!! Mine is not aging well...poor thing! I added vintage ice skates to it so we will be ready to play if Winter weather hits! *laugh*
    I would love to sit on your pretty porch and have some hot cocoa with you!

  13. Oh- Can I come sit on that porch with you? Can I bring Starbucks instead of hot chocolate though? And I LOVE your bells- tacky or not- my daughter has them off her carriage lights too...and, especially at night, they look beautiful. If you're tacky...I'm gonna just sit right there with you and enjoy it! Nice job~ xo Diana

  14. Your porch always looks so great! Each season you make it look so inviting. I've not commented here before, even though I read daily.
    Many thanks for your fun writing often make me laugh (the neighbors would think you needed a straight jacket). Happiest of Holidays to you, Pam!

  15. Your porch looks so nice! I love how ready you are for snow! hugs, Linda

  16. I love your front porch. The deer are cute eyeballing that wreath. Very nice.

  17. Cute decor and photos. I like how your garage looks!

  18. I love your style Pam! What an excellent idea. Is the cocoa spiked? lol We wouldn't need a blanket.;)
    Merry Christmas Sweet Lady.
    Hugs Rosemary...

  19. I always love how you decorate your porch. I'm having porch envy. I want one..Maybe, when I purchase my next home.
    xxx Liz

  20. I can so-oo see myself sitting there with you having a cup of hot chocolate. EVERYTHING is BEAUTIFUL. Love the skates and sled. The vintage Santa is sweet. But the real star of the show is that THERMOS. I'm telling you it is way cool.

  21. Thanks for the hot chocolate--yum.
    Your house looks very feative.


  22. I love that you decorate your garage. Everything looks very festive.

  23. hi just registered ,, tina

  24. I think your bells look great! I believe I have the same ones from Dollar tree? Great looking sled. It all looks wonderful

  25. Pam I think your outdoor decorations are great. The bells remind me of my parents home when I was a kid. My mom had red bells in the window that lit up, I think my sister has them now. When we finish our garage and I have lights to hang decorations from I will do so also. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy those cute beverages.

  26. So darling and inviting! You should be proud! And I know what I want to do next Christmas to my carriage lights. :)

  27. Oh darlin', your porch makes me just want to grab a cup and sit a spell!!!

    It's just wonderfully warm, invitin' and oh so Christmassy!!!

    I pulled out our old sled and decorated it on our deck this year. 'Don't know why the thought hadn't hit me before now!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!! :o)

  28. Cute! I love your skates and sled. I love your writing style even more—you always crack me up!

    Have a great Christmas!


  29. Love your porch, it looks wonderful and cozy!

  30. So much fun to revisit past Christmases! The red Thermos is my favorite vignette..


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