May 29, 2012

Summer 2012 Front Porch

The staining of the deck is done. The staining of my arms and legs is done. I can paint all day in a formal ball gown, but put stain on my paintbrush and all of the sudden I'm a drippy girl.

But enough about the back deck, which I'll show you some other day, today is all about the front porch.

Even standing half way between the house and the road you can barely see anything on the porch, so not sure why I bother. OK, I do it for myself and the pizza delivery guy. He appreciates a nice porch with a touch of vintage decor.

I have two Kimberly Queen Ferns flanking my front door. There's something so classic and Southern about this. Is Ohio not in the South?

Kimberly Queen Ferns are more upright that your typical Boston Fern, which is perfect for this area where you don't want fern fronds poking at your legs when you're trying to get in the door.

If the pizza guy gets hungry while waiting for me to answer the door, he can grab a sandwich out of the picnic basket.

I'm displaying my croquet set on the porch this year. Did you know that croquet was in the Olympics? For only one year - 1900. And only two countries competed in it - France and Belgium. I'm thinking, that just maybe, croquet may be a dying sport!

I used my little chippy table this year instead of the matchy matchy side table that I bought with these rockers.

And added some of my Walmart lavender on top.

These are the pillows I covered with ticking fabric last year. They've been upgraded to the front of the house now.

I told you about the Mommy bird who decided to build a nest in my pansies HERE. I was waiting for the kids to go off to college, so I could put better plants in the planter (better = not dead), but they aren't budging. Can you see Junior's head sticking up in the middle pot?

I don't have any worms for you, so quit looking at me with those pitiful eyes!

If you want to see what my porch will look like when the birds get the heck out of here, I used my extraordinary artistic skills to give you a glimpse.

(the rare gigantic red daisies)

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  1. Your pizza delivery guy and myself appreciate all your special touches (and fabulous humor). I bet the baby birds appreciate it too. Well done.

  2. Your porch looks so inviting and pretty. I just want to sit in one of those rocking chairs and enjoy the day.


  3. Love the porch. It looks great. I have no front porch. More like a stoop and that's it. No room for anything on it. Enjoy your porch.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. I want some of those gigantic red blooms at my house. Your porch looks so pretty! I'd love to sit in one of those rockers.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Love your porch with the rockers! Looks so inviting! I like playing croquet too! Your set looks vintage, that is what I am searching for!

  6. Your front porch looks so cozy. I love the chair and all the vintage accessories. But I'm in love with the ferns. I have been crazy about them for a couple years now but still don't have a single one of my own. Yours look amazing flanking the front door. What a great way to use them.

  7. You must have one heck of a pizza delivery guy! ours can barely utter a comprehensive word!
    your porch is gorgeous....and those red gigantic daisies....those are truly fabulousss!!!!

  8. I wish I was your pizza delivery person, I would enjoy chomping down on a few sandwiches. The rockers on your porch are inviting! Now, about those big gigantic red daises.....

  9. Your porch looks great and I'm sure the kids will move out of your planter soon! Hugs, Linda

  10. Oh you kill me!!!! That last photo made me laugh out loud...again!
    Love your house and porch. It is such a great style!
    I find croquet to be so much fun to play in the summer...I have to find me a set.
    Now don't mention Pizza please. I have not had a decent pizza in three years! That's what happens when you move from the Niagara/Buffalo more good pizza or wings!!!

    I would love to see photos of you painting in a ball gown!!

  11. I always know where to go for a good chuckle! But in all seriousness (say that 3 times) your porch looks so inviting. I love the ferns and when your gigantic daisies are planted, it will be perfect. :@

  12. You know, those ferns are absolutely beautiful! They really bring out the classic style of the black rockers! I love the whole look! I think I'm going shopping this weekend for some new ferns for the front porch and hang my Boston ferns I have in the back yard. Lovely post!

  13. Definite looks Southern to me-well done. You are my cosmic sister I feel anyhoo. The little table is darling. Decorate the porch for you if for no one else. BTW I kill all my ferns...very very dead they are.

  14. It looks great to me and you know, I think it is wonderful to do it for yourself and the pizza boy. You don't show up at the door wrapped in Saran Wrap when he pops over with pizza, do you-just checking!!!

    Love that next to last & last shot. I got my giggle for the night- xo Diana

  15. I love it even with the RED flowers!!
    Have a great week!
    xxx Liz

  16. You need an extra chair so I can join you and the pizza delivery guy!

    And those amazing rare red gigantic flowers - you should start a mail order business!

    This made me laugh - so glad you joined our Outdoors party!

  17. Your front porch looks great and inviting. I am sure the pizza guy would enjoy taking a break there:) Your house is really pretty!

  18. Your porch is so inviting with the comfy chairs, picnic tin, and yard games...better be careful, you might have more than birds taking up residence there :)

  19. Wow! What a charming front porch you have! I love the plaid vintage picnic tin! Found you via Savvy Southern Style!


  20. I think the pizza guy might just start delivering some free pizzas just so he can sit and relax on those amazing rockers with those perfect ticking stripe pillows ...

    ... so happy you shared at our Great Outdoors link party!



  21. Oh, I'm a little jealous that you have room for rockers on your front porch! It looks just great. I'm just a little afraid of those giant killer daisies though!

  22. Lovely! All your little touches make one beautiful porch!

  23. Love the changes, especially the croquet set. It is a dying sport - but so fun to those of us that still appreciate it. Lovely and welcoming. Thanks for sharing, liz

  24. I looks very welcoming. I may to have "borrow" your croquet set idea.
    Still working on our porch AND deck!


  25. Your porch looks lovely, inviting and just perfect for summer days ahead.

  26. Love the porch, specially the porch rockers.
    I would love to find a vintage croquet game like that. My daughter loves this game.
    Thanks for sharing.

  27. hahaha, 'for myself and the pizza delivery guy' lol. I love the old croquette set and the photshopped flowers. ;O Thank you so much for sharing at our party!

  28. Your porch looks great -- even with the dead pansies!

  29. Your porch looks amazing! All your pizza guy needs is some sweet tea to go with the picnic basket :)

    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the party!


  30. You are too funny! Love the "rare" daisies but what are the yellow forks doing? LOL! Are you trying to stab the Mother bird when she returns? Or is it your attempt to catch some flying worms for the babies?
    I did not know that about the ferns and being from Iowa but now livng in Arkansas....I'm pretty sure Ohio is considered Southern...but I could be wrong.
    Your porch is darling and your house is gorgeous. I love your dormers upstairs as I always think it makes the inside so cozy. I love all your accessories on the porch. I have a croquet set but it's not old but maybe I could make it look that way? Hmmm! I love croquet but obviously I'm in the minority and there goes my shot at the Olympics!

  31. I'm looking back at your summer posts and dreaming of warmer weather. Your porch was beautiful! Love those ferns and those rare daisies are to die for! :)


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