Back From Camp

My son is back from summer camp in one piece and it appears that he had a great time. He got to go canoeing, fishing and play archery. According to the counselor, swimming was his favorite activity in the whole wide world (which we pretty much knew it would be). He even got an award for having the best smile at camp. I think it’s one of those cases of everyone gets an award, but I won’t tell him that.

An unexpected bonus from the camping experience was that, after I stopped being whiny about my son being gone, my husband and I did get to go out and do some stuff that we don’t normally do.

Lots of eating out at restaurants and shopping. We even went to a bar! OK, it was a restaurant on a lake that sold alcohol, but it was as close to a bar as I’ve been in years.

FYI, this covered bridge is in a park not far from here and has nothing to do with camp. I just wanted some outdoorsy photos for the post. I think that is called using artistic license.

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    Love those pictures! So glad Max is home safe and sound. I bet he does have the best smile! I know Gage has the best smile in our family. I don’t have a I-phone–but I do have a smart phone. I am going to ask his assistant about apps–thanks for telling me about them!

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    I’ll bet you are so happy to have him home safe and sound! But what a great experience for him. And it sounds like for you too….glad you had some fun!!

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    LOVE covered bridges. I have plenty of pictures of them too. Yours is lovely and being so close to home. WOW. Glad you and your hubby allowed yourselves to have fun instead of worrying so much. It’s nice your son had such a wonderful time at camp.

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    I’m so happy that your son enjoyed his camping trip. You deserve some respite. Every couple deserves some extended time alone to recharge. Love your pics.

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    I am so glad that your son had a good time…and that YOU had a good time, too. I hope it something you will be able to do every year now…something for all of you to look forward to…xo Diana

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    I’m so glad you were all able to enjoy yourselves. We spent the end of the week with out our WeeMan and in spite of the sadness of leaving him with grammy – I ended up enjoying the time. I forgot what it was like to go to Goodwill and actually be able to go in a dressing room and try on clothes!

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    I love these covered bridges Pam!
    Glad to hear your son had a wonderful time at camp! My son flew out on Monday to Ontario. He is staying with my parents for the summer. So much to do back home. I will be joining him in August!

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    Hi. I read your comment on Brenda’s blog. This happened to me with a friend. It is so hard to forget and move on. Esp. when they make other purchases that they can’t afford. I think it was easier with a friend than a relative.

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