Blue Typewriter Love

I had a fun thrifting week. Found this old 1970’s Omega 30 typewriter sitting all alone on the thrift store shelf.

1970's Omega 30 blue Typewriter

Such a pretty color.

1970's Omega 30 blue Typewriter

Plus, it came with the top cover (the ditsy photographer forgot to take a photo of it snapped into place) which makes it highly portable and ready for a road trip.

1970's Omega 30 blue Typewriter

Sure, it’s not as portable as the new iPad, but it has more character.

1970's Omega 30 blue Typewriter

Now where’s the camera on this thing?

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  1. says

    Oh-I got one of those conflicting editing signs and POOF- my comment was gone. ANYWAY~ I said that is a great old typewriter and I have never seen one quite that color. Love it! xo Diana

    ps. Are you gonna fire the photographer?;>)

  2. says

    Darn! I had a similar typewriter that our girls played with when they were little and I wish I had saved it. Although it reminds me of typing class in high school. I never was any good at those speed typing tests.

    Did you find the camera button yet?

  3. says

    Amazing! I remember this typewriter well. My mother had one. Ours was cream. I remember her using it often and I even used it a few times for papers I had to do for school. Brings back memories.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. says

    I love that color, and love old typewriters. I have my mom’s old typewriter, purchased in 1960. And because Mom saved EVERYTHING, I even have the original sales receipt. Priceless!

  5. Annie says

    My parents gave me a portable typewriter when I started college, then took it back when I graduated and gave it to my younger brother to use during his college years! To this day I’m not happy about having to give up what I thought was MY typewriter!

  6. says

    Oh adorable, we used to have a little old green typewriter from the ’50’s who knew I would wish I had kept it!
    So many things I allowed to slip through my hands………

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