Dog Easter Egg Hunt

My son is a little too old for Easter egg hunts, so we decided to do one for the dogs yesterday.

This being our first dog Easter egg hunt, we weren’t sure how hard to make it or if we had to dummy it down for the dogs. So, some of the eggs were hidden in hard to find spots and others were right out in the open.



The dogs waited patiently inside until we were done hiding the eggs.

There was no need to dummy it down, because after they found the first one and realized there were Milk Bones in them, they were on a mission to find the eggs. Iris bed beware!

Sheba was good at finding the eggs, but she didn’t do anything with them once she found them. They may have been too big for her dainty mouth.

Lacey, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do with them when she got them.

Except she opened them by chomping down on them until they broke and then eating the Milk Bones out of them. This led to me going on a Easter egg hunt of my own, making sure we had all the missing plastic pieces in our hands and not in Lacey’s stomach.

We won’t be able to recycle these eggs for next year.

After the big hunt was done, everyone had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Sort of. We ended up mulching the flower beds in the back yard. Had to do something with all my chocolate induced energy.

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  1. says

    I’ve been on pins and needles wondering how the dogs enjoyed their Easter egg hunt. Looks like lots of fun. Here’s to new traditions!!!!

  2. says

    Merciful Heavens if that is not the cutest Easter Egg Hunt Ever. I know Otis got something too. Thanks for your comment today, I nearly peed my pants reading it.

  3. says

    Okay… and I thought it was nuts to let our dog tear open his Xmas presents of rawhide bones! LOL
    I think you beat my silliness. :-) Glad those shards of plastic didn’t do any harm.

  4. says

    OMG- THAT is hyterical. I started laughing and MyHero wanted to know what was so funny. Even he could see the humor in it! Now…next year lets try one for the cats with a tiny tuna tucked inside each egg! xo Diana

  5. says

    How cute! Who do you think had more fun, you or the dogs? :)
    So glad you found all the cracked and it looks like you had a fun Easter.

  6. says

    This makes me smile. I told my daughter about this–she has 1 Pom that is just obsessed with food. I wondered how this would go–if it was us we would probably end up at the vets with ingested plastic issues:) My kids think you’re never too old for egg hunting:)

  7. says

    Think I missed not having an egg hunt more this year than any other…should have hid them for the animals I guess because it looks like great fun! Friends had a night time egg hunt and I thought that was a clever change up, but a dog egg hunt is a really cute idea.Good Week!

  8. says

    Now that is a great idea! We put some dry cat food in one of ours and the cats hockied that thing all over the place!
    Mulch is a good thing to get rid of all that energy!

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