Faux Grain Sack Camp Stool

What do you do when you have an ugly non-vintage camp stool in your vintage loving life?

Find a clean spot on my really-used-as-a-drop-cloth drop cloth, scrounge around for some painter’s tape and buy a bottle of craft paint (because, out of the 100 bottles of craft paint I own, I never seem to have the correct shade that I am visualizing in my head).

I yanked off that nasty green covering and staple gunned my faux grain sack covering on it and I do not hate it anymore.

This whole project took about 15 minutes and the hardest part was putting the tape down evenly. Did you ever notice that when tape comes off the role it tends to be curved ever so slightly? Just enough to make a perfectionist cringe.

If you wanted the paint to be more permanent, you could add a textile additive to the paint. I’m all about looks here though (as you can tell from my latest haircut, lol), so I didn’t bother.

Raspberry anyone?

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  1. says

    Fun. I currently have three vintage stools like this waiting in the garage. I can’t decide which fabulous fabric to recover them with…decisions, decisions. Determined to get them done in time for Springfield.

  2. says

    It’s beautiful! Of course I don’t think you can miss with blue & white and the raspberries make it look very summery and very patriotic!!

    I was just thinking about doing a similar project with some of my late mother-in-laws dish towels. She passed in 1980 and I’m still using the towels! I wanted to preserve them and make a table runner.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com says

    Ohhh..I love the new cover! Very pretty and bright. And as Im commenting Im noticing all your super cute animals!! I had a cat named Sheba. :)

  4. says

    OOOOhhhhhh….SSSSqueeeel! I’m totally going to steal your idea!!!…”ahem” OK, let me calm down now. What I MEANT to say is that I’m extremely inspired by your wonderful post and hope to fashion my camp stools to be as lovely as yours. (better?) heehee


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