Vintage Libby Golden Foliage Glassware

What would be more perfect on the Thanksgiving table than a set of vintage Libby Golden Foliage glassware?

This is my MIL’s set and included a carrier, ice bucket and 7 out of 8 glasses.

Vintage Libby Golden Foliage glassware - the perfect glassware for your Thanksgiving table decor

Since she was married in the late 1950’s, I think this may have been a wedding gift.

It has a very mid-century Mad Men look to it.

Vintage Libby Golden Foliage glassware - the perfect glassware for your Thanksgiving table decor

One pine cone or two?

And you know what? I see this stuff at thrift stores ALL THE TIME!

As a matter of fact, when I was out at my local thrift store this week I picked up a matching glass to round out the set.

I was all excited until I brought it home and realized that it had a different level of frosting on it. Plus it has a gold rim around the top where the other ones do not.

Vintage Libby Golden Foliage glassware - the perfect glassware for your Thanksgiving table decor

The glass from my MIL’s set it on on the left and the impostor is on the right.

Close enough for me though. Once you’ve had a few highballs, no one will notice.

Can I tell you a secret?

Up until maybe six months ago, I thought this set was hideous. I hid it in the cabinet over the fridge that no one ever goes in to. You know, the cabinet that you have to climb on a chair to reach.

The only reason I still own it is that it was my MIL’s and one of the few things my husband wanted to bring here when we sold her house.

But recently I have come to LOVE a touch of mid-century here and there throughout my house.

So if you want to dip your toes into mid-century or are just looking for the most perfect set of Thanksgiving glassware out there, run to your local thrift and see if they have any of these in stock!

Vintage Libby Golden Foliage glassware make the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table decor. I see this in thrift stores ALL THE TIME!

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  1. Anonymous says

    we had these as kids they were the “good” glasses and as usual my mother saved her S&H greenstamps to get them like all of our good things. nancy settel

  2. says

    I’ve always loved mid century. We have a fair bit of it around the house. The one thing I like about having moved to OH? The fact that mid century remains greatly under appreciated in these parts. This means you can still find goods deals and it often gets overlooked by other shoppers. I’m always the weird one carting off the crazy chairs at yard sales! Back East the prices on this are SO much higher.

  3. says

    When I first started thrifting and collecting, I purchased many glasses from this set. I have all different sizes as well as the ice bucket. I never realized how perfect they are for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the tip!


  4. says

    funny you should you should mention this… i have started looking around my 96 year old grandma’s house and have really come to live her 1950’s pieces! she has a credenza like the one above!

  5. says

    Mid century glasses have always held my fasination, but that seems to be all that I like from the era. I’m normally an eary century type of girl. I would love to get my hands on a set of christmas glasses however. I’m always on the lookout for them.

  6. says

    Wonderful set, and so perfect for Fall.

    There is something great about the furniture from that era.

    I remember the ‘blond’ furniture that my grandma had.
    Wish I had it now….

  7. says

    I’ve got enough mid-century goin’ on when I look in the mirror! I do love the glasses (they’re so pretty with the pine cones) though and think the less frosted version is perfect… lets you know which one is the add-on. I can appreciate the furniture but enjoy the kitsch part of mid century more. :)

  8. says

    My grandparents had these same glasses in their liquor cupboard. It was always a special treat when my sister and I could have a shirley temples in them. Cheers!

  9. says

    I have some glasses with a carrier that are very similar to these. I got them from my mom who got them from my grandma who always as long as I can remember had them in her special dishes cupboard with sliding glass doors. They have grown on me too. Great idea to use them for Thanksgiving and I will be doing that. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. says

    I know exactly what you mean about suddenly liking mid century items. Maybe we just needed to see how cute they are when displayed or used. I’m kicking myself that me or my husband didn’t take quite a bit of my MIL’s stuff. My daughter took them to store in her garage. About 6 months later I got to thinking about some of the things, the set of colorful aluminum tall tumblers, a clear glass 2 pc chip and dip set with a kind of Ad Men type sputnik design in gold on the two bowls, and some other items. I almost cried when my daughter said they were tired of storing them so …they..had..thrown..them..out.:((((((((. I don’t know what I was thinking not to have taken them into our house in the first place. Where was my brain? Anyway, I really like your set of glasses.

  11. says

    Once in a while I find a piece that I could live with but it is not something I am smitten with. Love those glasses though. We had some of those when I was a kid- xo Diana

  12. says

    I love your set of glasses, but I’m not ready to invite mid-century modern into my house. I grew up with it and had my fill. :@

    Don’t quote me on this. Next year I’ll probably pick up a piece on the side of the road.

  13. says

    I have always been drawn to the mid century clean straight lines. Not that I have a house full of it-I have a lot of different pieces. Kind of antique eclectic I guess. the house I live in is mid century. I suppose that is enough in itself.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  14. Mary says

    My parents received a similar set for their wedding in 1959. I’ve always liked it. There’s a silver version as well.

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