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As promised, this is Part 1 of a mini home tour. I’ve been knee deep in holiday decor this week, so the next time you see the living room it will look a little different. But this is the normal everyday, non-holiday look.

I describe my decorating style as a combination of industrial, Pottery Barn-ish, thrift store and vintage. Or just plain eclectic, would probably suffice.

This is a shot from the entry hallway looking into the living room. You could call it a great room or a family room also, but I usually go old school and just call it a plain old living room.

The glowing light at the end of the tunnel is a door going to the backyard. It’s practically impossible to get a good shot in this direction without something being over or under exposed. Go into the light!

The railing on the left is for the steps going down into the basement/family room area. We affectionately call that area the cat room, because the cat’s litter box is down there (not because we run a brothel or anything like that).

This is where I am currently sitting. It’s my favorite spot to blog from, especially when we have the wood stove cranking and the back of my head is 99 degrees.

This is my least favorite spot to sit. I bought this couch on a whim and it’s really not very comfortable, plus it’s at a bad angle for the tv. Unfortunately, since I use it so little, it will last 60 years and I don’t normally buy a new couch until my current one falls apart.

Chester, the friendly Boston Terrier pillow, is from the Pottery Barn Outlet. After I bought him, I looked online at the regular Pottery Barn site and was shocked to find out that I had paid $5.00 more than if I would have bought it online. Thus began my disenchantment with outlet shopping!

I sort of have a thing for dogs in my living room.

And vintage gadgets.

Yes, I still have my turquoise buffet. After 1 1/2 years, the color is still growing on me.

I know you’re not going to believe this, but this was my husband’s contribution to decorating the house. I did not pick out Bambi’s Dad myself!

Did anyone get the license number of the truck that hit him?

I was looking for a cute “necklace” for him to wear and fancy vintage baubles didn’t seem to be his thing and a picture frame seemed a little cliche. So the next thing you know I was tying a license plate around his neck.

As I’m looking at these photos, I just realized that this magazine holder/Coke crate is the only bit of red I have in the entire living room. Sort of stands out like a sore thumb, but I do love my Coke!

OK, that’s all there is to see here today. Move along now!

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  1. says

    I love your decorating style. I think my favorite spot would be next to the wood burning stove too. If you typewriter ends up missing, it’s in West MI. The license plate necklace is brilliant!

  2. says

    I love your style, Pam. It is warm and welcoming. I love a mix of this and that. It always makes me feel like a home has evolved as a person changes…and the home changes with them. I have the same grey dog you do. I just gave my oldest son my dog collection that I have had since it started at 5 years old. I think there are about 100 dogs in the collection. I wish I had the little cabinet I used to keep it in but that is long gone- xo Diana

  3. says

    Pam, you know I love all those vintage contraptions. Also the silver cup. Your hubs would love Joe’s sheds with antlers and old license plates all over them. I am right now by my cozy wood stove. Of course it’s all the better when I build the fire too. xo, olive

  4. says

    I know you’re sitting there but I can’t see you for some reason… :-)
    I’m sitting here laughing way too loudly over the deer with the license plate (and the cat room!).

    Your copper tub filled with wood brings back memories — my mother did the same thing. Thanks for the tour!

  5. says

    I love figurines. Dog ones for sure. I mix styles on purpose and break a lot of rules. Your space is what you like and I know I like to be surrounded with vintage. I love the Coke crate. Of course it matches. It’s Coke, “things go better with Coke”.

  6. says

    So many things in your home that I have in mine…it’s so funny…from the typewriter…the dog figures…the post card pillow and the best the deer head!!….people think I’m crazy with my animal heads….I have two deer heads…a Buffalo head and a Moose from 1912….

  7. says

    Oh I also have the globe and the cooper wash tub…isn’t this strange?? and I did spy that Statue of Liberty picture…..she is my heroine. She’s all over my house.

  8. says

    Oh you give me hope for my living room that contains deer mounts and fish! I worked on it but gave up. Maybe after the holidays I can work on it using some of your ideas!

    Everything looks very calm and relaxing (even the uncomfortable sofa)!

  9. says

    Ok, my hubs may never visit your home – he’d want the deer head/license plate hanging in our house! Yours is a hoot!!
    Thank you for the tour – your home’s very inviting! We have similar decorating taste. And the dash of red from the Coke container – yep, love it!

  10. says

    I LOVE your living room Pam and the licence plate on the deer is AWESOME!! Dad is giving me one of his mounted deer heads and guess what I am going to do… Pamify him!! Love your dog bits and lovely vintage touches. Don’t wear too much hairspray when sitting in your blogging chair this winter! You know how flammable that stuff is! xo

  11. says

    I just love all your vintage goodies and arrangments throughout your room. It’s all so lovely. And I am green with envy over your woodstove! Oh how I want one of my own.

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