Lobelia Love

I have never grown lobelia before this year, but I am head over heals in love with it.

Blue Lobelia

I planted a six pack of them in this basket a few weeks ago

Blue Lobelia

and they just keep blooming and blooming.

Blue Lobelia

Lobelia erinus – annual – full sun to part shade – 8 to inches in height – Zones 2-11

How come I never knew about these little gems before?

Blue Lobelia is a wonderful annual to add to your garden this year. It comes in VIBRANT shades with loads of blooms and grows in full sun to part shade.

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  1. says

    Very pretty!!! I had some white lobelia in a pot that I planted a month or so ago with some pink double impatiens, but for some reason the lobelia died. I don’t know why; it usually does really well. I love the vivid color of your blues!

  2. says

    Beautiful basket of blooms! I did these a couple of years ago and loved them! I found mine at a new green house just south of town, but had not seen them at walmart before!
    I need to do them again.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. says

    OH the lobelia is lovely in the basket! I’ve never thought of planting things in a basket like that…so charming! Thanks for posting my giveaway on your sidebar!

  4. says

    I love lobelia! I really like how you have them in a basket. I have always planted them with other flowers in my urns. I think I will copy your idea. They are stunning all alone!

  5. says

    I absolutely love your lobelia basket. I’ve never used it before but did see some at the garden center last week. I may just have to go back and see if any is left. Love how it spills over the basket. It looks so inviting on the steps.
    Hope you have a great Sunday,

  6. says

    I’ve seen Lobelia in the garden center but have never grown it. I’m going to have to remember to try it next year. Yours sure is pretty1

  7. says

    SO pretty! I’ve always seen lobelia in hanging baskets, but never tried it either. And I do LOVE any blue flowers! Let us know how it does the rest of the summer. I’ll have to remember it for next year!


  8. says

    Love your basket. Our color theme on the porch is red yellow and blue, Lobelia works so well in our porch boxes. It’s a must for every garden…a great pop of blue.

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