More Fall Decor

I have some more Fall decor to show you – no yawning please! Since I was sick with a cold for what seemed like months, now that I’m feeling better I am on a mission to get my Fall decor out of the storage boxes.

This is what my wood stove looks like normally (notice Otis the cat on the chair)

and here is its Fall look (notice Otis the cat on the chair – yep, he loves that spot).

It’s sort of an acorn theme.

Thanks to Diana over at Nana Diana Takes A Break I now know that this ugly unique orange ceramic thing on the wood burning stove is supposed to represent fire. That woman is a wealth of strange information!

Nothing says Fall like acorns (except leaves, pumpkins and candy corn of course).

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  1. says

    Thank you for acknowledging how strange I am…if that equates to being a bit wacky I am in total agreement! lol I love your Fall decorations! Loving all those acorns..hope the squirrels don’t come in the window snd try to spirit them away.

    So….I am guessing that you don’t often light that baby up? Or…you light it up and like melted goods…..or you burn pretend fires…OR you just stare at that glass disc on the front and imagine that you have a fire burning inside. (Hey-wouldn’t that look great with the decor of the Pearl that is sitting in my garage)-Unh-huh~!!!!

    I do have one tip for you- When you decorate for Christmas don’t set your tree on top of it in case you decide a hearthside fire would be nice Christmas Eve….just sayin;>)…. Hugs to you my sweet friend…Diana

  2. says

    Hi Pam! I came over via Olive Out! I love your little nook here! And, the corner stove decorations are fabulous! What a sweet little corner in your home!

    I live in SoCal, so there is not need for a stove live that unless I skip up into my local mountains. I wish!

    My Autumn Tea Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight PST. There’s still time to enter!


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    Hi Pam, I love all those acorns. I walk, usually bored to tears, on a track somtimes and there is a tree dripping with them. I need to start picking them up. I think your Otis is a darling. hugs♥olive

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