Reproduction Tin Toys

I’ve been spring cleaning in my son’s room and, like I said on my last post, I’ve taken quite a few things to Goodwill. Just couldn’t get rid of these ones though.

Most of these are Schylling toys. My sister started buying these reproduction vintage toys for my son when he was a baby and I still love the look of them.

I suppose when my son turns 21 or so, and needs an even more grown-up room, I’ll have to move the toys into my bedroom.

You never know when a death ray will come in handy.

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  1. says

    Those graphics are hard to resist whether old or new!Some things have to be saved.Thomas the Tank Engine has been in a bin for the past 6 years.My son decided he was done with them right after we moved to Ohio.We could not part with all of them so the bin is up high in his closet and one day he will be very grateful that we hoarded his memories!As will yours…

  2. says

    What fun tin toys! That was a great collection to start for your son. Maybe some day he will pass them along! You can use that death ray gun if anyone tries to take those things from you…either that or when you have words with the hubster-not that THAT ever happens! xo- Diana

  3. says

    Those are great. I wouldn’t give them up for anything. I’ve been away from the vintage thing since the weather is pretty. Keep visiting me at my other blog. Thanks!

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