Vintage Valentines

A great assortment of vintage childrens classroom Valentines, mechanical Valentines and romantic ones, all from 1930 through 1950.

I finally found my box of Valentine’s Day stuff!!! You see, I could remember last year putting the Valentine’s Day stuff away in a special place where it would be extremely obvious and where I would not lose it. But when this year came around, I just couldn’t figure out where that special place was. So anyhow, to make a long story shorter, I found it!

Now, I don’t have a ton of VD stuff to decorate with, but I do have some vintage Valentine cards from the late 30’s and early 40’s. I bought most of them on eBay a few years ago and they actually have the dates written on the back of them. I’m thinking the kid’s Mom was an organizational nut, because I can’t see a little kid writing dates on the back of his Valentines.

I know, Valentine’s Day is almost a month away, but I wanted to post them early in case you wanted to use them for crafts and such.

Vintage elephant Valentine

Vintage Valentine - little girl with rose arbor

Vintage child's classroom Valentine with washing machine
I have read this card ten times and I still don’t get it. Maybe it’s a 1940’s thing, but I don’t think I would be thrilled if someone wanted to “shine me up”!

Strange vintage Valentine with shoe polish
These are all mechanical cards (moving parts):

Vintage child's classroom Valentine with airplane

Vintage child's classroom Valentine with boy in canoe

Vintage child's classroom Valentine with flapper girl

Vintage mechanical Valentine with cats or kittens

Vintage child's classroom Valentine with lumberjack

Vintage mechanical Valentine with garden theme
This one is one of my favorites, although not technically a mechanical card. The lasso is real rope and the gun is removable.

Vintage child's classroom Valentine with cowboy dog
And this one always makes me smile. It is a handmade mechanical card.

Vintage hand drawn child's classroom Valentine
It must have been for someone special if someone took the time to make a hand drawn card and then make it mechanical. Personally, I would have just grabbed some red construction paper and cut a heart out of it.

Vintage hand drawn child's classroom Valentine
And if you’re wondering where I put the Valentine’s stuff last year. In this bright red box that was sitting on my bookshelf not two feet from my desk. Can’t get any more obvious than bright red for Valentine’s Day now can you?

Vintage Valentines

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  1. says

    Oh how perfectly sweet! You have a great collection. I sure hope you’ll give us all a peek on how you use them.

    Last year I started a small collection of Valentine card and I just think they are the sweetest, most fun cards out there!

  2. says

    These are great. I got into a box of vintage ones at my Grandma’s one time. They were unused, and she actually let me GIVE them to school friends! I am sure they were given with childlike love, but I wish I had KEPT them instead! lol.
    Happy VTT!

  3. says

    from reading that little valentine about shining up to me..I think it means can he get close to you..not to shine you up..I love these valentines they are the bees knees.;) they are in such great the moveable ones too;)

  4. says

    What a great collection. I have a few that I have purchased over the past couple of years and funny thing is I don’t remember where I put them either. Maybe between now and Feb. 14th I’ll find them!
    Thanks for sharing yours.

  5. says

    Great Valentines. My hubby hides stuff from me on the top of the refrigerator because I’m only 5 feet tall. I pull a stool over and check each night once he goes to bed. He may be taller but I’m sneakier. Have a fun day.

  6. says

    I wish I’d saved a bunch of my Valentines from long ago! LOL -I think they might even be vintage by now. :-) What a fun collection of them you have, Pam. Maybe I’ll hit an antique booth and look for some this weekend. I’ve been a lump on a log re: blogging. Nothing to say and much to busy to organizing and cleaning and getting caught up with all I neglected during the holidays. Catching up w/some friends for a few minutes tonite, though. Love your little nest and ornithological shelf in your office. area. And the roses on your blog dress are pretty, too. Stay warm- it’s snowing out and cold here. brrrr….

  7. says

    Dear Pam, thanks for stopping by..I had a problem with my blog and had to do some work to get back on track…I’m here and love your Vintage cards…Keep that red box handy as it wont be long and you will be pulling it off the shelf once again..
    Happy (early) Valentine’s Day
    Shirley & Cupid…

  8. says

    Great collection!! The shine one is from a popular old fashioned phrase “I’ve taken a shine to you”, which means you like that person.

  9. says

    Thank you for sharing such sweet valentines. Back in the day, if you took a shine to someone it meant you liked them or had a crush on them. Yes, I’m vintage, too. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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