November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

I threw together my Thanksgiving table a few days early, using mostly thrift store finds and a few Wally World items (bought on clearance of course).

I was so excited to take photos of it that I forgot the silverware and napkins! You'll have to eat with your fingers, I guess.

I was going for a casual table that was not too fussy and not too cluttered. Although the table is set for four people, it will just be me, my husband and my son this year. I just thought it looked pathetic to only have three place settings.

Of course, some Napcoware turkeys had to make an appearance.

My whole centerpiece is sitting on a cutting board that I bought this summer to use for photography, but I thought it would be so simple to just grab the cutting board and move the whole shebang when it is time for Tom Turkey to make his appearance.

Besides, I liked the woodsiness of the wood.

The silver plated bowl was bought at a thrift store last year.

I mixed cinnamon scented pine cones, with walnuts and topped it off with a pumpkin that may or may not make it three more days before exploding. I don't think pumpkins were meant to be kept inside for two months.

I wound a woodsy garland around the chandelier.

The brown chargers were bought on clearance from Walmart two years ago (I saw similar ones on clearance for $1 each just a few days ago at Walmart).

The white dinner plates are Oneida Majesticware Athena pattern which I purchased at Goodwill two years ago for next to nothing.

The Queen's Myott Thanksgiving plates were bought on clearance two years ago from Home Goods.

And the glasses are vintage Libby Golden Foliage glassware from my MIL.

I do have some vintage Thanksgiving type tablecloths, but they also come with vintage gravy stains, so I decided to go with one I found at Walmart. I think it has a vintage look to it and, best of all, I bought it for only $5.00 on clearance a few days ago.

Wally World really does have some cute stuff if you wade through the Snuggies and elastic waist jeans.

Wait, I just might need those elastic waist jeans for Thursday. I'd better head back to Walmart!

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    We've had many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners just the 3 of us...kinda nice that way, I think!
    Your table is beautiful...I love the Thanksgiving plates! Bill and I had our Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday...a bit early...I don't have Napco turkeys, I have PLASTIC look alikes and one chalkware type. I sat them amongst the bed springs/candlestick decor I have on my table now, and they looked quite Thanksgivingy. I forgot my little Pilgrim girl! Again enjoy your feast!

  2. I love your table Pam. I like the cutting board as a centerpiece tray. Love the nuts in the silver bowl. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Pam, I love your table, too! And I think it is nice and cozy with only three. LOVE the glasses! Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Beautiful Pam. I love the vintage glasses and the turkey plates. We are three for Thursday too. Thank God.

  5. Your table looks great, the tablecloth is perfect. You have found some awesome treasures :)
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. I bought the plaid tablecloth last week on clearance, but after seeing how cute and retro yours looks, I wish I had bought that one! Even without silverware, your table looks lovely.

    Are you getting the boot cut or straight leg elastic waist jeans? I'm never up on the latest clothing trends. :@

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Pam. I know-isn't it weird to set the table for three people? I do that here now that our oldest son is staying with us for a while. It just feels "off" somehow.

    Your table looks really nice. I love the cheerful tablecloth and the turkey candleholders.

    Ummm...make sure you buy those Wallyworld stretch jeans on clearance. Better yet-what about some of those pajama jeans they are advertising on TV?;>) xo Diana

  8. I love your fun Thanksgiving table, Pam! The tablecloth is whimsical and the different styles and elements you have combined, come together perfectly! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Love that sweet tablecloth! :)

    I have my elastic waist jeans! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your tablescape is gorgeous. I had such fun looking at all the angles of your diningroom. I really like the plates on your wall. Hugs!

  11. What a pretty Thanksgiving table you have. I like the garland around your chandelier, and the plates are such a pretty pattern. Love the vintage Napco turkeys.

  12. Pam your Thanksgiving table is gorgeous! At first glance I thought the tablecloth was vintage~ great Wally World find! Thanks for sharing and Happy Turkey!

  13. Your table looks great, Pam! I like the turkeys. I'm skipping the elastic waist pants and opting for yoga pants so that they can stretch everywhere :)

  14. I love your table! The cutting board is a clever idea and the tablecloth is a great walmart find!

  15. What a fun table you've set-so pretty and interesting. I, too,
    love a good bargain find!

  16. The cutting board in the center is genius! I'm going to steal that idea if I ever get my table set. It looks great!

  17. Great styling! And your wall color is perfect too!

  18. Your table looks nice. Love those glasses with the dishes and love the tablecloth. We will celebrate with my son and his girls Wed. eve.....I know kinda weird but there's a reason. So on Thurs. it will be our youngest and the two of us. That's fine. We may go to the movie. When we can't all be together for a holiday we like to do that. Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Now you know, a lot of people have an extra place at the table just for Jesus. You must be one of them and you don't even know it. wink!
    The table looks great and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Your Friend, m.

  20. The cutting board is gorgeous and too darn clever! Love your silver bowl too... everything looks lovely. My mom taught me well too... I've got radar for the clearance section in any store. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Pam! :)

    PS It's always good to have a pair of those turkey-eating pants on hand! :)

  21. I loved it. Beautiful table with amazing fall colors.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  22. Your table looks so pretty. The cutting board is a great idea and I really like the look. I do however LOVE the silver bowl filled with pinecones. Great idea.

    Plus of course your new leaf glasses look right at home.

  23. I always set a table for six, but we only have 5! Glad to see I'm in good company! I really love this table. I've been admiring the turkey plates, I love the little touch of blue in them. I think the wonderful old silver bowl filled with pine cones and pumpkin and nuts is a great idea that I want to remember! I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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