Cardinals And Camellia

I know you’re all saying “Another darn bird post, Pam?”

Well, quit squawking. I like my feathered friends.

I bought this vintage looking bird and botanical print for a song at Goodwill the other day. I think people normally used two or three of these types of prints grouped together, so I kept searching around for its missing mates at that store, but, if they were ever there, they had long since flown the coop.

After I got home, I had second thoughts about buying yet another bird thing though.

Back in the 80’s, I started to get a reputation for liking cows. And pretty soon my kitchen was full of cows. Not bought by me though, people bought them for me as gifts.

Cow figurines. Cow prints. Cow salt and pepper shakers. Cow cookie jars. Cows, cows, cows.

Now it seems to be birds, but this time the problem is being created by myself. I must stop this before it goes too far!

See those brown stains on the top of the print? Turns out they were on the underside of the glass, so I have since taken the print out of the frame and gave the glass a good Windexing and it looks all shiny and sparkly now.

The walnut and gold tone of the frame was looking a little Brady Bunch-ish to me, so I slapped a coat of white paint on it and gave it a whole new look.

Not bad for $1.99 and some paint I already had on hand.

Plus this is the first halfway decent thrift store find I have had in a long time. Maybe the thrifting tides are turning!

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    Winged friends are a good thing, Pam. Your book should provide you with lots of pages to use in your displays. Are you staying warm and dry? We are expecting rain tomorrow. When is spring going to get to Ohio? Aaaggghhhh….

  2. says

    The white frame makes the cardinals stand out. Like they do in snow-not that I actually see that for myself. I am going to an estate sale tomorrow that is if I can leave my cave.

  3. says

    Love how you changed up the frame with white paint. Great transformation. I have two bird prints from the 40s hanging above my antique desk. They stay up year round and were originally a gift for my husband (he’s my bird whisper).

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    Wu-hoo… it’s always a good thing when the thrifting takes a turn for the better! Love the print and it is lovely with the white frame. I wish we had cardinals here… they’re so pretty. I have to hold myself back on our bird decor. We still have lots of them though… inside and out! Good luck on next week’s finds!

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    I also have a “thing” for birds. I hope I don’t become known as the crazy bird lady?! There is something so sweet about them. And, you can find so many charming vintage ones! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

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    I love the print! In Louisiana, especially in my area of the Feliciana parishes, bird prints are very popular. John James Aubudon actually lived in this area in the late 1700’s and painted a lot of local bird life which is now available as prints! Have a blessed week!

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