Croquet Box Anyone?

In August, I expressed my love for a vintage croquet set that I found.

Since buying the croquet set, I have only played it a few times. It’s actually hard to find people who want to dress up in white ankle length dresses and tap a ball around the yard on a hot summer day, but it has proved to be a nice summer decor item for the porch.

So, when I was out at a local antique shop and caught sight of this guy out of the corner of my eye, I started to hyperventilate. Could it be? Why, yes it is. A croquet box (cue the sun shining down and the angels singing).

Now, it doesn’t even come close to having the whole set inside the box, it only has a few mallet shafts.

But who cares? Look at that writing on the box!

And as far as boxes go, it is actually quite useful. The top is hinged in a way that it sort of rolls back behind the box itself.

So, it makes a perfect trough area to fill with summer plants or flower filled Ball jars or just about anything in the whole wide world.

For right now, I have it on top of my kitchen cabinets (all of you painted kitchen cabinet lovers may want to avert your eyes).

I was actually going to paint a sign and put it in this very same spot. You know, one that says EAT or maybe KITCHEN (real original ideas there, Pam). But the Croquet company’s logo actually fits my style a little better.

Do you find yourself attracted to a good box? If so, is it the signage on the outside that attracts you or the box itself?

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    First of all, you have a great sense of humor, which I love (as I know others do too) and, second, you also have a great sense of pretty antiques to acquire and where to show them. I think it looks perfect in that spot, and the dried hydrangeas and the scale just make a fantastic “vignette.” Although, knowing your NY hubby, he might be, right now, rolling his eyes with this “newest” treasure you’ve found. 😉
    P.S. Yes, I can say that about your NY hubby, as I am a fellow New Yorker, if you remember!!!!!

  2. says

    I have a thing for boxes and the ones that have lettering are the BEST! Lovely lettering, I would have arm wrestled you for that if we had seen it at the same time, for sure.
    Your cabinets look like the ones I had in my old house. While I like all the painted cabinets, I am old enough to recognize a trend and know, the day will come when everyone will be singing the praises of the beauty of the wood shining through, instead of paint. Everything old is new again. I like many pieces from the 50’s that at the time I didn’t care for, so I now know, some trends eventually become acceptable with time.
    By the way, I remember many fun evenings playing croquet with friends. They had a yard with a big hill and watch out if we hit you down it. Glad you found the game and the great box.

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    Love the box! And the croquet set, too. We stayed many times at an old resort in Brainerd, MN that has a beautiful croquet court and holds tournaments where the guests actually dress in vintage white clothing like you described in your post. They probably have a croquet set much like yours. Wonderful find!

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    What a delightful and enjoyable post. I loved visiting and seeing all your goodies. The sign is perfect the way you are using it.

  5. says

    Love the croquet box. Looks perfect in the spot you picked. It is a BEAUTIFUL piece. I go crazy for new clemetine boxes. But my favorite find was an old MaJong Box and set of tiles from the 30’s. Love VINTAGE stuff.

  6. says

    Get. Out.
    I have never even heard of a croquet box. That is an amazing find, Pam! I would have snatched it up immediately, and truth be told, I’m a little jealous.

  7. says

    Now that is one “cool looking box”…it looks wonderful in it’s new home. Come by today, because you have been featured at NTT…please feel free to grab my starfish featured button for your blog and thank you for coming to NTT.


  8. says

    Oh Pam. What a great find! I love a box of any kind but one with words just is over the top! It looks great on your cabinets! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. says

    I SO have Croquet Box envy! And you have the perfect place to show it off while you count the dozens of ways to use it in centerpieces. So green right now!LOL

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