Every Time A Bell Rings . . .

So I’ve been playing around with creating a printable holiday chalkboard piece for you, but I couldn’t find a saying that was doing it for me. Deck The Halls, Let It Snow, Joyeux Noel – they all seemed to be done to death.*

Then all of a sudden it came to me. My favorite line from my favorite movie!!!

Free holiday chalkboard printable - Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings - Christmas

It’s A Wonderful Life!

Oh, and that’s the name of the movie too.

And how did it come to me, you ask? I glanced at my holiday header. With bells on it.

Sometimes all you have to do is stop trying so hard and it sort of smacks you in your holly loving face.

You are welcome to print it out. It is sized as a 8×10 print.

*No offense intended for those that have made something this year that says Deck The Halls, Let It Snow or Joyeux Noel – please feel free to bash my NOEL sign on the front porch all you want :)

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  1. says

    LOL- I love this saying and I did save the image. I think I will put it in a 5×7 frame. That would look so nice on a shelf in here. I love that movie.
    Come over and see my baby.

  2. says

    You crack me up! Bash your Noel on the porch…. Lol
    I do like that sweet line from that classic movie and your image would make a great chalkboard sign. But you know how un-crafty I am. Wonder if I can do a chalk transfer? Hmmm……

  3. says

    I was doing the same thing the other night. Trying to find a short quote from a movie or Christmas song…and I love yours! Mine was a bit boring but I’ll blame my glass of wine. Ha.
    Seriously, great idea.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  4. says

    love it!! thanks for the printable…it will be fun to use :) while out shopping this weekend we picked up “lifes little lessons from it’s a wonderful life” so far its just an adorable book!
    thanks for the smile today pam!

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