I’m sPinning Over Pinwheels

The good thing about Pinterest is that you see all sorts of neat craft project that you just have to make.

The bad thing about Pinterest is that you see all sorts of neat craft project that you just have to make.

As in, they bug the bejeebers out of you and sit in the back of your mind nagging at your subconscious until you just have to run to the store at 9:00 at night to buy the supplies for the project.

This was one of those projects.

The supplies you will need are:

  • 6×6 double sided scrapbook paper
  • wood skewers normally used for shish kabobs
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • paper hole punch
  • brads (found in the scrapbooking embellishment area of your local Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby)
  • a little bit of glue, if you are so inclined

You could cut your own paper into the correct size, but the 6×6 paper was so darn convenient. The double sided paper is important, since you can see both sides of the paper when looking at the front of the pinwheel.

1.  I folded my paper in half diagonally.

2.  Then folded in half again. You could draw these lines instead, but I didn’t want pencil marks on the pinwheel.

3.  I took a pencil and put a teeny tiny dot 3″ into the pinwheel (I know, there goes my pencil marks theory).

4.  Cut 3″ into each corner to that dot to create your pinwheel spokes.

5.  Punch a hole in every other corner of the pinwheel.

6.  Take the brad and thread it through the punched holes.

7.  Until all holes are in the brad.

8.  Push the brad through the middle of the pinwheel (I used a little knife to cut a slit so it wouldn’t rip the paper).

9.  Turn the flaps of the brad over to hold the pinwheel together.

10. Attach your skewer to the pinwheel by folding the brad ends around the wood. You may need a tiny touch of glue to keep the pinwheel from sliding around on the skewer.

Voila. Pinwheels.

That don’t really spin, but these are for eye candy, so we’ll just ignore that little factoid.

BTW, they make a zillion type of brads. All different sizes, colors and designs on them. I chose ones that looks like screw heads.

Your basic old fashioned all American slotted screws

and your newfangled phillips head screws. Industrial pinwheels are all the rage.

Happy pinwheeling!

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  1. says

    Oh how evil you are.The reason I don’t Pin is to avoid this problem.It’s bad enough the number of ideas I see on blogs.But you had to go and put this on a blog which means I found it (I stopped following MMS a while ago) and now I will obsess.I remember a million years ago Martha Stewart did this and I bet if I go through my ancient hoard of ideas (the ones pre-blog) I will find the instructions from her magazine. Because this has been on my radar for, oh about, five million years now. Must resist. Must resist. Can’t resist… Thanks for your evil sharing. Enjoy! They look fab by the way.

  2. says

    Thanks for showing us how. I did see the other post. She used old pags from DIck and Jane books. Where could you find those. That’s how I learned to read.
    I love pinwheels and will have to try these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    That’s the problem with pinterest, there’s so many great ideas that just force me to spend money. Your pinwheels turned out so good! I love the paper and the industrial look 😉 I’ve been wanting to make some little mini ones for the tops of cupcakes. Wouldn’t that be cute?!

  4. says

    Oh pinterest … I tried to break it off but I am so very weak and went crawling back, even without the 25th hour in the day. (You can achieve extra hours in the day by skipping over sleep).

    I *love* this project and how cute would a massive display of these be in say, an antique mall or vintage event?! The industrial touch is quite timely! :-)

  5. says

    These are just so sweet!!! Perfect for any vignette! Thanks for sharing! See, your crafting and I’m getting recipes from there. Love that site!
    Have a great weekend,
    xxx Liz

  6. says

    How fun is this??? I love it! I have not seen these in years!! They look great Pam.
    Too bad I didn’t live closer i would love to make these with you!

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