January Thrifting Woes

As soon as I put away the Christmas decor, I start to clean and purge and weed out unnecessary stuff from my life. It’s my normal January thing. Out with the old and in with the new (and new is a relative term around here).

So I thought that after Christmas was over and the new year began, that the thrift stores would be filled to the brim with other people’s cast offs that didn’t make the cut in their own personal purge session.

Apparently not everyone does the purge thing, because the thrift stores were woefully barren this week. I think all the little old ladies, who have such great vintage stuff, kept their own stuff this year. I blame it on all the fiscal cliff talk.

I did find this vase from Harker Pottery though. It seems to me to be from the 40’s maybe? It sort of has that vibe to it. They went out of business in the early 1970’s, so obviously it would be prior to that time period. Obviously.

How has thrifting been in your area this year? Thrifting bonanza or thrifting wasteland?

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    I just donated four boxes of stuff, most of it Christmas I didn’t want any more. I thought like you that more people besides me would be getting rid of surplus stuff, well, I guess not, because there was nothing worth buying, not that day, anyway!

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    Even on a slow week, you find the cutest stuff!!! (said in my whiny-est voice) I’ve had no luck AT ALL lately. You’ve got a good eye, though. Love this one! ~Sally

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    I dasn’t got a’thrifting. I am getting rid of and don’t dare bring another thing in (yet!;>) I think that is probably from the 40’s or early 50′, too. xo Diana

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    Or perhaps all the Christmas shopping happened in the thrift stores. My eleven year old granddaughter requested that as her only destination and she carefully and throughtfully purchased her way through a formidable list. I received a small glass baby shoe, such as used to come in congratulatory baby plants. “For your desk to hold your paper clips, Gramma.”

    Give it another two weeks; stock may pick up. You won’t find my baby shoe, however.

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    I thought the vase looked like it was from the the late 30’s through 40’s. Somehow the shape of the vase and color of the flowers reminded me of Mary Engelbreit artwork. Not the style of the flowers, just the color combination. It was a definite lucky find. I am really in the mood to go thrifting. Maybe this week. I hope I am as lucky as you were. The lady at the thrift store calls me the “glass lady”. Sometime if I get my house cleaned up enough, I’ll show everyone why she calls me that. Since the clone tool now costs money on Pic Monkey, I can’t clone over dustballs,dirt spots, and weird things I didn’t notice before takig the pic. I do like colorful glass (red or blue), but I like every kind of old thing, if it is interesting to me. That covers a lot of territory.

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    Very pretty. I’d love to say that I’ve got all our Christmas decor put away, but a few more stragglers are still lurking about. I haven’t hit any thrift stores since before Christmas. I might have to reward myself with a stop sometime this week.

  7. says

    My sister and I found the same thing at our local thrift haunts…woefully barren. I did find a few good things over the last three weeks collectively though. Not sure why the pickin’s are slim these days unless it is the economy and people are just holding on to stuff for the time being.

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    No thrifting here!! had not had a chance :( still cleaning and organizing!! and waiting for the husband to go back work.. LOL beautiful vase goes perfect with those roses!

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    I started my purging this weekend! Taking the tree down and getting rid of xmas decor that never made it out of the boxes. So this leaves me feeling….the need to do a little thriftin….drop some stuff off and take some pickins home….dasn’t show the hubs! Hee Hee
    Can’t wait for the auctions to pick back up…love them!
    Happy day to you all.

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    Thrifting is always good on the south shore of Nova Scotia. But to really compare your thrifting woes to this area, I have to visit the 2 thrift stores that take in local reclycled goods. They were closed over Xmas but today they open again. I’ll check them out for you, shall I?

  11. says

    I haven’t done any thrifting at all. I just put away all of the decorations on Saturday. I’m too lazy to get my fat butt off this chair to bring anything else into the house for awhile.
    I do love your new find, tho. Very pretty!!
    Happy New Year to you, dearie.

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    I just donated a bunch of stuff too…but like you, I don’t think anyone else has! Why isn’t everyone purging their old stuff like we are?!

  13. says

    The vase is lovely! I love the staging too! I which I could have more freedom to thrift but with my own fiscal cliff looming in the maturation of my Student Loans, I’m afraid that even thrifting has now become a luxury to me.

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