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One of the golden rules of blogging is to not draw attention to the fact that you haven’t been blogging regularly. Which is sort of stupid, because if you follow me you sort of know whether you’ve seen me around blog-town or not :)

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Sure, I’ve put out a few posts here and there since the new year, but not nearly what I’ve normally done or what I would like to do.

The cold hard truth is that my son has been having some issues lately. For those that have been following along for a while, you know he has cerebral palsy and some other issues associated with his prematurity, but I’ve never gotten really into the nuts and bolts of it. And I’m still not sure I’ll ever fully talk about it on my blog.

But some things have changed with him recently and I’ve sort of been focusing on getting these new issues diagnosed and under control and blogging has taken a back seat to that. My son relies on me 100% for every aspect of his care, so blogging has always been my happy, creative place I go to “when I have a free moment” sort of thing. The free moments are just pretty hard to come by right now.

For that, I will not apologize. But hopefully we’re on the right path to getting this little bump in the road of his health under control and I can get back to life as I know it.

In totally unrelated news, one of my readers alerted me to the fact the West Elm was carrying those Thermos travel mugs that I was so obsessed with!!! (Would it be wrong to add another few exclamation points?)

Thermos travel mug at West Elm

West Elm Thermos Travel Mug

Not sure if it’s a temporary thing or how fast they will sell out, but I bought myself one in a heartbeat!

And thank you from the bottom of my Thermos loving heart for emailing me about them Jill!!! (there I go with the exclamation points again)

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  1. says

    Sorry to hear that your son is struggling. Hopefully you can get this sorted quickly and get back to a normal routine.
    Your so right about not making a big deal about whether you’re posting or not. I’ve just recently taken a step back from the blogging world – no more scheduling 3-4 posts per week and spending hours on the computer trying to get it out there. And I feel lighter for it. I feel more creative instead of burdened with creating. I wonder if my readers have noticed that it was a week between posts? I doubt it!

  2. says

    Hey Pam, my thoughts are with you and your family. Life happens, and blogging will always be there once things are a little more stable, you know? If you can’t get to it now….it is what it is. All us parents get that, and you just gotta do what you can do. We’ll be here whenever it’s good for you to be here 😉

  3. says

    Hi Pam,
    Sorry to hear your son is struggling. Life does have a way of taking over sometimes and blog land has to wait. We are here for you and enjoy your wonderful posts when you can do them. Keeping good thoughts for better days ahead for your son. OMG that thermos coffee mug is sooooooo cute.

  4. says

    Family first. Always. I hope everything is okay and your son is getting the help he needs. We’ll always be here waiting for a post! *I never travel with coffee. But, I NEED that cup……

  5. says

    You have to do what is most important. Your son is indeed your top priority. I hope the situation stabilizes for him and you. You are in my prayers. I love your life is like photography quote.

  6. says

    Hugs and prayers for you and your family. I hope you find answers for your son’s problems. and life can get back to normal for all of you. We miss your funny, interesting posts, but family must always be first. Take care.

  7. says

    I concur, family first. But thanks for writing and sharing. I love your sense of humor and your special thrift finds. Take care of you and your son, and know that we’ll be here to read your posts regardless of length of time.

  8. says

    I have said it before and I will say it again–YOU are your son’s best
    advocate and you do a super job!!
    Hope things settle down for you both soon.

    We will be here when you get back.

    What an awesome mug!!!!

    !!!!!!!! make me happy.

    M :)

  9. says

    Pam, I hope that your son is better and that you have found a resolution for the issues you mentioned. I take care of my mother so many times I’m absent from the blogging world. You know, we can only do what we can do and I think that you have your priorities in the right place.

  10. says

    I’m sorry that your boy has been having medical issues. It has to be so hard to see him struggle. I miss your posts but know he takes prority. I hope you can take some breaks from time to time. I know when our son was younger, those breaks were so helpful. Hugs

  11. says

    I’ve noticed that you haven’t been blogging as often, Pam, but I know you have a lot resting on your shoulders. My thoughts are with you and I hope your son is doing better and you are blessed with some down time in the days to come. I’m sending a big hug your way.
    xo, Vickie

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